a bath or a coma?

Holy. Yesterday there was a big, good-news, kerfuffle with my husband’s job and since I’m his admin assistant (!) I had a nice 18 hr shift getting his shit sorted. Imagine he builds custom cabinets (not really). Up to now we’ve been handling his career ourselves. And now he’s getting an agent to handle his contracts (and it’s no longer going to be me). Getting ready for the sudden transition meant a lost day yesterday. The upside is that it means less work for me (and not a moment too soon) but it also means he’ll be handling more of his career on his own or with other people’s help instead of mine. which again, is win-win for both of us. but tired? did i mention tired? I’m eating a rice krispie square with sea salt right now (9:50 pm), contemplating a bath or a coma. they both seem appealing.

the great part? with his sudden good news yesterday, both of us running around getting shit done, no one mentioned alcohol. booze wasn’t the vehicle of choice to celebrate. (and is it really a vehicle of celebration? or is it a one way trip down the elevator – holy can i mix more metaphors in one sentence?).

no booze. no thoughts of booze. just a very busy life with shit going ON. good shit. sober shit.

I expect to be more caught up and ‘normal’ in the next 48 hrs (famous last words. can i write nothing without parentheticals?)


Happy Day 50 to Sean!

Happy Day 50 to Raquel!

Happy Day 50 to Nomobsing!

Happy Day 50 to Weenie!

Happy Day 50 to Via51214!

Happy Day 50 to Sheena!

Happy Day 50 to 1111!

Happy Day 50 to Noel!

Happy Day 50 to VickiNicki!

Happy Day 50 to Manda!

Happy Day 50 to Hal!

Happy Day 100 to Ranger19!

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Happy Day 100 to KD!

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Happy Day 180 to Phoebe!

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Happy Day 300 to Glo!

Happy Day 365 to Beckie!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Yeah Belle~ happy for you! Rice Krispy treats my favorite, hands down!!! Sea salt? Yum! Enjoy your extra free time~ I’m sure you can use it! Hugs

  • Hi Belle!

    Delighted to hear that you got good news, and I hope you are feeling rested now! When I first read the title of this post I thought it would be focused on comparing sober relaxation techniques and getting shit faced (i. e. Self induced drinking comas)!!!

  • Good for you Belle, sounds like a win-win all the way around. Also a win-win for me too ’cause I am 180 days without booze. Woot woot, and Congrats to Doll Face, S, and TellingTheWords.Hope to see you all at Day 200!! Thanks for all your help along the way.Enjoy the Bath/Coma, you earned it.