signs that you’re doing the right thing

from my inbox:

Nellie: Did you notice that good things started to come your way when you stopped? Beyond feeling better? I’m not sure if it’s random or related.”

me: for me it was totally related! like, once I got sober, I was able to (a) notice good things more and (b) could actually act on opportunities or ideas that before I’d just say “wow that’s cool, where’s the wine.” once I was sober, instead, I could say “wow that’s cool, let’s do it.”

Nellie: Exactly! It’s so crazy … Funny story. In 2002, I fell in love with [city]. For a long time after that, I hoped, prayed, and played the lotto for any chance at all to live there. I’ve vacationed there every year since. Two days ago, my boss asked me if I’d ever consider moving there to take a new role … which is a big step up from mine. Can you believe it? Now, it was a casual conversation and not an official offer, and there are several good reasons why this may not work out, but guess what? I’m not obsessing or freaking out about it. I’m settled where I am, yet I’d love for it to come together. I’ve never been here before :)”


JenSep: “Sober today. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and we are following up a day of roller coaster riding with swimming at the hotel pool. Normally I would be sitting at the pool with a water bottle filled with Chardonnay, but today I just drank water. I think I’ll have a candy bar tonight as a treat:). I was sort of thinking that I would like a sign that I am doing the right thing, and then I saw it. In a bathroom at the park, there was no writing on the walls other than one little phrase, ‘Bad Wolf’. I cracked up!”


Doodle: [more signs from the sober universe] “The client I’m working for had a nice outdoor dinner for everyone tonight. The catering was really great. And they had a “tea sommelier” ! It’s a company that sets up just like the bar table/tent for alcohol, except they serve nice teas! For the welcome drink, it was a lovely cold tea mixed with sparkling water, in a champagne flute, with a little chunk of pineapple at the bottom.”


Happy Day 50 to Early Sobriety!

Happy Day 50 to RC!

Happy Day 100 to Nikki!

Happy Day 300 to Penny!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Life is so short as I raised two kids to adults within that time period I can only look back and see how F up I was. Falling on my face almost losing my loving Shiba Innu. Dog, Falling on my head hitting the toilet giving myself a concussion, the list goes on. I can only thank GOD I injured myself and not others at least physically, I know I have done some damage mentally and hope they can all recover. To this day I don’t know how I am doing the not drinking days but it is working. 132 days down and going strong. Understand your mistakes of the past and go forward with good things. for me I can only hope the past will be forgot by all except for one and that is me. The past will help me in the days to come.


  • Yes bethesobergirl – keep going – no matter how many day 1s or wolfie slip ups. It’s all part of the process. You can do it xo

  • Wolfie got me last night. Day 1 starts again today. I’m so sick of feeling this way – I truly believe I’ve finally realized what a problem I have. I’m so grateful to have this community to inspire me. That I’m not alone. That others have done this, so I know I can, too.

  • I love these signs – especially the “Bad Wolf.” Thanks for cracking me up on this beautiful, sober day. 🙂

  • Love this post. The further I get, and I think I’m up to a day in my 40s (it’s worked out better for me to not count), there are so many signs, big and tiny, and ways of noticing them. For me, my most blatant sign lately has been a 2 week hospital stay for a chronic health issue. That in itself has made me reflect and appreciate on so much. Whilst here, though, a nearby patient is grappling daily the effects of a failing liver due to years of behaviour that has led to it…oh my god – such a potent message that this – this! – sobriety, loving myself, making adult choices – is a no brainer. Hugs to all on the journey – and thanks again to Belle xo