every day and twice on sundays

from me:

You’re still drinking. You’re not sure if you want to stop (yet).

Be advised. There is a bottom. You donโ€™t need to go there. In fact, you can stop right here. The booze elevator only goes down. You can step off right now, here, at this floor. No matter what sober is like, no matter how hard it is (or isnโ€™t), booze is worse. All the time. Every day. And twice on Sundays.

~ Shit Belle says that’s too long to go on the poster-generator-thingy.



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Go for it Tessaness! You can do it! I remember my first day feeling so bad and knowing I needed to finally quit the vicious circle, and I found this blog. Today I made it through Day 38. I am happy every day I wake up realizing I made it one more day. I feel free of guilt and dread. I feel good about myself. I check in here almost every day and it keeps me anchored and feeling strong. It’s great to be part of this group of wonderful, strong people.

  • Day 1 and I am getting off the elevator! and it could be the basement (no, I have not hit rock bottom – close though). But I can climb. And so I start my ascent to whichever wonderful floor I want. Aiming for the penthouse suite, but ground would be just fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think the basement is where they keep all the half bottles (or full bootles) of wine we pour out or throw away after a big night of drinking. I imagine more than one or two favorite wine glasses tossed out as an offering to the hangover Gods are down there too. Along with corkscrews. Lots of corkscrews. Don’t want to go there, up please!

  • Shit that Belle says is always so true! I was so close to the basement that I scared myself into finally committing 100% to the challenge. 40 days today and I am so grateful for you and Becca and this amazing site and all the people on this site who post such awesome comments and observations and who all get it like no one else does.<3

  • Shit that Belle says is spot on. I made myself ride a bit lower than I wanted on the elevator, just to you know, CHECK that I had a problem. I knew for months beforehand. Years, maybe.

    But I got off. And I sure as hell don’t need to know what that basement looks like.

  • This reminds me of my good decision to get in the boat, on the Wagon, you know, sober! I got off early n I continue b/c there’s no living like sober living but sometimes it’s not easy. I’m on biz convention at a beautiful resort, everybody’s enjoying the drinks., so Wolfie has been talking for about a week. I asked for help n today had horrible nausea even ralphed aft the flight. PERFECT reminder of how a hangover feels, my memory needed a reminder. NOT TODAY WOLFIE! !! Thanks Belle.

  • Day 16 for me. Tough weekend. Is it unreasonably to expect a little positive feedback from the family? Either they haven’t noticed or don’t care.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s true that most people don’t care that we’re not drinking. the truth is that normal drinkers don’t understand because they don’t have a wolfie voice. so to them, it’s like you said “i’ve given up yellow food” and they’re like “that’s nice dear.” and boozers are uncomfortable with you and can’t figure out what to say that wouldn’t reflect badly on their own drinking. so who does that leave? your cheering will most likely come from other sober people who used to be drinkers who aren’t any more! we’re the ones you get what you’re doing ๐Ÿ™‚ hooray for you. day 16 is HUGE. it’s usually the day when people start to have some of those “pink cloud” good feelings. hugs from me.

  • I’m getting off before I reach the basement, too. I’m not sure what floor I’m stopping at–how close it is to the basement, but I’m not interested in going any lower–only up. Thanks, Belle!

  • It’s true – if you’re new to thinking that you’re drinking too much then hang around.

    I came here in March 2013 and I read lots of posts and I lurked and I occasionally commented. Now I am heading up to eight months without a single drink and I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!

    Join in, take the challenge – the benefits will far exceed anything you might be hoping for.

    You CAN do it