• Congratulations Belle on 700 days!!! I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your eloquent and candid description of the “process” of being sober. You’ve shown amazing growth, as well, and that encourages me that I can find the good stuff I gave up for drinking again as my sobriety continues. Thank you for everything and many hugs to you!

  • “Make dinner with all the lovely ingredients I’ve just purchased that are now sitting on the counter, or drink? Wolfie would win that one too. Shove the food back into the back of the fridge and call for pizza.”
    Even though I’m not drinking, I still do this. In fact, I did it last night. Instead of making homemade chicken tenders like I wanted and had everything to make them, I bought frozen ones.
    And they were nasty.
    Why didn’t I just take the time to do it? Why did I feel anxious about taking the time to do it? It’s no different than Wolfie winning if I don’t do the things that will take care of myself.
    I also saw the Happy 600 Days! for me above. Thanks for that, you know I never keep track, so seeing that is…wow!

    • Wow. 600 days! Congrats!
      I just hit 6 months.
      Sometime it’s just tiring to cook. Buying the ingredients, etc.
      You get home and want simple, even if simple sucks.
      We all do it.

  • Looks like a fabulous job at self care. Can I have a slice? Please. Pretty please? Congratulations again on Day 700.

  • That is a gorgeous looking pie. When I made it I couldn’t get it to gel properly…never made it again although it is a taste explosion. Yummmm.

  • Woohoo 700 days; congratulations!! The pie looks awesome 🙂

    Returned from my camping trip – tired but showered with comfy socks on and about to have fish & chips… Oh and I’m sober… Happy Sunday!

    Soberp82 x

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  • My favorite! Did you use real key limes or key lime juice, or just regular limes? I saw key limes in Walmart the other day and they are TINY, must be hard to squeeze! Thanks for all you do, Belle.