“I really did it. 100 days.”

From my inbox:

Allison (day 100): “Well, here I am. At day 100. It felt impossible at the beginning, but this time was different. I knew I could do it. I can do anything. You have offered a lot of wisdom. I’m glad that I did the Sober Jumpstart class and phone call very early on in my sobriety. It was so nice to chat, and was so wonderful to know that you were only an e-mail away.

I feel a lot better than I did when I was drinking. I love not experiencing hangovers, or worrying about the next drink. I have made a true friend, or 2, through in person connections with other sober women. I bought a house with my husband. This was so hard.. especially rounding up all of the paperwork necessary. There were so many hoops to jump through. Also, I was there to help pack, and move with my husband, instead of him doing most of the packing/moving for us.

One thing you noticed recently, and I agree, is that I am less angry. I was so angry at everyone all the time.I am learning not to take everything personally, and that I have to tell people how I feel since no one is a mind reader.

Thank you so much for your support along the way. I’m just gonna keep going!! xoxo, Allison”


Karmac (day 100): “I did it Belle, I really did it. 100 days. I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean that. The last month was pretty easy, but there were times when I thought about drinking, but didn’t want to start over. Didn’t want to have to admit it to you.

It really has gone by pretty fast. Thought I would be thinner haha. Not the case. Oh well. Life is pretty good. One day at a time. With the exception of one vitamin water, I have only had lemon water and tea to drink for the past 100 days. Crazy.

Belle, what you are doing is great. The 100 day commitment is great because it doesn’t mean forever, which is waaaay too scary. 100 days is doable. It doesn’t freak you out. Then once you get into 30 or 40 days, you don’t want to blow it. Don’t want to start over. Sneaky you are:). Thanks for everything Belle. You are the best, and I know good, great karma is in your future.  Hugs, Karmac”


Happy Day 50 to y2jase!

Happy Day 50 to BethBeth!

Happy Day 100 to Allison!

Happy Day 100 to Karmac!

Happy Day 100 to LolaB!

Happy Day 180 to Cam!

Happy Day 180 to Ldederer!

Happy Day 180 to Nuchter Maya!

Happy Day 180 to JennyP!

Happy Day 180 to Janet!

Happy Day 180 to Beach_Gurl!

Happy Day 200 to Christine!

Happy Day 200 to Tina!

Happy Day 200 to Pickleball!

Happy Day 200 to KnxGrl!

Happy Day 200 to Brid!



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • 16 days ago, at 7 pm – my time to start drinking wine every day – the 100 day challenge seemed impossible to me. Today, I feel more confident that I will be able to do it! Congrats to you all. You’re an inspiration!

  • Congratulations to all the names in red. Combined that is 2,480 days! So many wonderful days not tarnished by alcohol. I find a lot of motivation and strength through the combined effort of Belle and all the people she has brought together here.

  • Yesterday was my big day too. When I finally got there, it was a bit of an anticlimax . Mainly because….I was too busy! 100 days ago all I thought about was my next drink, 6pm-the witching hour, I deserve this!! My whole day ends with this? Every day? A lot of my friends drink too much (I know, just my opinion) and now I see that binge drinking is as bad as my problem. General hilarity on Friday, drinking too much on the weekend is so funny and clever! Let’s all do it! Well, I cancelled my subscription to that Club. Life is calmer, happier, free of insomnia. And….no-one cares!! No- one but me, which is just the way I want it. Anyone lurking….you can do it, it gets easier, you forget. 100 days and other things push it away. Wolfie moves on and concentrates on someone else. Because, you know…Wolfie is you. He pops out of you till you fight him, ignore him, starve him and lock him away in a special place. To be forgotten. Seeing that my problems were so universal and identical was mind boggling. Reading here and other blogs made me nod my head so much my neck ached! I had a choice, to drink or not to drink. Nothing in the middle. I love this Club and won’t renew my subscription to alcohol. Sorry this is so long!

  • Congrats to everyone up there in red. Looking forward to the day I’m up there too!!! You all inspire me to keep going.

  • So proud of all of you. It can be done, you have proven that. time after time I see the names come up and the smiles just spread !~! Congratulations all of you !~!

  • A big hurray for all you sober rock stars! It really feels better doesn’t it? You are all an inspiration. xoxo – Hana