micro-email: Stone sober – I was the happiest father in the world

Every day or two I send out a micro-email (http://eepurl.com/BqAEn) with bits and stories and anecdotes. Usually they’re messages from my inbox, and sometimes they’re longer pieces written by me.

It’s truly weird, but more people are signed up to read the emails than to read the blog … but part of the reason for that, i think, was explained to me on one of my recent coaching calls; where I heard: “the emails come to me, they just pop up in my day.”

It’s that whole push-pull thing. Ask people to go somewhere or send it to them? (you know how your bank sends you an email saying you have a message online instead of just sending you the message by email). Push-pull.

So then what is it about getting a sober message by email? It’s a very gentle PUSH 🙂

Well, here’s an example. This email got a huge response from readers. What do you think?

Stone sober – I was the happiest father in the world

RM (day 131):

“Thank you. Being sober has its rewards! The guy upstairs keeps giving me these little things in my life I think as rewards for getting away from the booze.

We had a major snow storm. I do not live with my daughters so I can not always make sure that they’ve got things packed in the car for winter emergencies. Them being stupid teenagers — just like their dad.

I was sound a sleep when my cell phone rang at 4 a.m…. “Daddy, I went off the road, I am stuck and I need your help” said my scared 20 year old baby girl.

I told her dad will be there in a few minutes. I had to steal my roommate’s boots, shovel, and gloves. Then head out to clear off my car which was under 8+ inches of snow. Drive about 8 miles in the snowstorm to reach where she was at.

When I pulled up I had the one of the biggest rushes of my life. Here is my beautiful 20 year old daughter looking like a drowned rat due to the heavy snowfall. She was wearing thin pants, tennis shoes and a thin pullover. She looked like hell.

I was there able to help my daughter when she needed her father the most. Stone sober – I was the happiest father in the world. Who gives a shit she was out without winter clothes, who gives a shit she got stuck, who gives a shit about the little damage the car got.

What really mattered was I was there when my daughter needed me the most and I could keep her safe. If I was still drinking I really doubt I would have got that phone call and been able to hear her soft, scared voice call me “Daddy” …

Anyways I was going to keep it short but, why? It’s my life now and I am the telling it not the booze.

Thanks Belle for the time and effort you put in to helping all of us through this shit booze caused.”


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And here are a selection of messages I received (which I forwarded to RM):

Shell Bell: This made me tear up! I think the same thing- sober hugs, sober talks, sober dinners- it is night and day the interaction with my children- it is awesome! I know it is so different- even the tough places are so normal and do-able…. I agree, thanks Belle for giving others hope- we are forever grateful!! And RM- what a great gift any Dad could have!!! Keep up the vision, you have a heart to be the awesome dad you were created to be!

lifeasirockit: Beautiful, beautiful story. Actually a little tear!

Peggy: very cool

Dana: This is really powerful! Thanks for sharing it!

Laurel: Feel that way a lot.  I’m ready for any help needed requests now too.  When drinking I’d try to avoid them.

Missy: WOW!! As a child of an alcoholic. This story really touched me. Way to go Dad!!!!

Maz: What a great post being here when needed for our loved ones rather than being lost in a bottle and the craziness it brings is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others, much love belle


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I love to hear these magnificent success stories. We are so unavailable to everyone while we are caught in our addiction; being the most reliable person on the planet now matters so much to me… sobriety gave me that gift.

  • Belle I love this and would be grateful if you could possibly share how we can also send emails in this way? Is there a technical way to do it? Thanks xxx

    • not sure I understand your question but I’ll try: if you send an email to me, I archive some of them to use bits of, to share with the group. but if you’re asking ‘how’ to send an email to a group of people, you would create a mailing list (email list) and then use a service like MailChimp. send me an email directly if that doesn’t help 🙂 tiredofdrinking@gmail.com

  • A timely reminder to receive while my little girls make me breakfast for Mother’s Day. And whilst I keep stumbling, I will persevere because I want to be there for my kids just like the Dad above. Thanks to you all.