• Great video… treats are so easy to forget for me! Especially useful after a social weekend where it’s becoming more normal to be sober now… I still get a low Monday, and treats are needed to say “well done, you’re sober, here’s your treat”.

  • This was my first video. Nice to here your voice belle. Thank u for making it iPhone friendly for me. Good thoughts on treats. I never really know what day I’m on so I forget to reward or give myself a treat. I’m still feeling the hurt and shame from my last drunk nite. Aweful. But I’m on day 8… Went to a small renewing of vows and dinner last night where everyone was drinking. I had 2 cokes – regular not diet an my treat and it worked. I want to reach the 100 days. And beyond. I’ve been reading Ur blog on and off for the last 7 months while I drink and stop and drink again. So when I got to chat oine withy today. It made me tear up. U r real and I am real and sober is real.

  • Lol lipstick ( if your a girl). Keep up the good awesome work Belle <3 While watching I realized, before I got sober I was trying to get the treats while still drinking as a distraction, like magazines (that never got read), recipe ingredients for special dishes ( that never got cooked), preparing for manicure or pedicure ( that didnt get polished). I was half assing it to fool myself that I could drink and still enjoy life. Unfortunately or fortunate in irony it didnt work~ INEEDOFGRACE
    Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have three bracelets, a necklace, fuzzy socks and yummy tea (ate everything else) to remind me that I’m sober and I’m worth it. Every. Single. Sober. Day.

  • I like the video! Great reminder about treats. I’m loving my “Stay Here” Day 50 treat (wearing it every day) and am looking forward to buying myself a “Not Today” on Day 100 in about a month. Sober today and sober last night at a work party. I drank a non-alcoholic beer (I checked – 0% alcohol). Those seem to satisfy me in bar situations. School psychologist (who is a bit of a lush) tried like hell to get me to have “just a taste” of her lemon drop martini because “one sip won’t kill” me, but I smiled and said I was on Day 65 of my no drinking health challenge and planned to stick with it. I did smell it and it smelled nice, like lemons, like maybe I’d like to put a fresh lemon wedge in my diet tonic water. But I didn’t notice the vodka smell and didn’t have a sudden urge to have a drink. Bought a fancy bottle of organic ginger ale (“with hints of cardamom and cayenne”) to serve in champagne glasses at a brunch today and loved it! Good thing to take to my next party.ย  Have a good week! xo Hank