“I will not drink even if my lovely ass falls off”

from me:

cupcakes done, cake done, all catering delivered. floors mopped. sleep has been achieved. sunny morning, today’s salt and pepper bread baked, pasta casserole done, chocolate cake done. and it’s 1 pm. time for tea and an episode of the truly terrible but loveable “Nashville”.

from my inbox:

Challenges (day 100):

I did it. 100 days today. Thank you both so much [Belle and Rebecca]. You gave me a running start and I am so grateful. I am such an introvert and being able to get support from my comfy spot on the couch while in my jammies was a huge help. At around day 60 I was able to step out to recovery meetings — but I never would have gotten there without you. So grateful.

So I pledge to stay sober for the next 80 days. I will not drink even if my lovely ass falls off. Even though summer is on the way and I have to pass up on the Chardonnay. I will explore the world of refreshing mocktails. I will make delicious infusions. I will muddle fruit and mint and add seltzer and lime — plenty of ice would also be nice. I will read sober blogs, go to recovery meetings and help someone else who is starting this journey. I will not drink. Will not.

Nope. No booze. None. Not red not white no more getting tight.

I have grown too fond of sober sleep. Clear head. Energy. Joy. Laughing. Dancing to my favorite tunes while I clean up my side of the street. My skin looks better. I am wearing make up. I don’t have to chew gum to cover up my booze breath at work. I get to work on time. My dog likes me even more than before. I will not drink.

Much love and gratitude. And several hundred hugs, Challenges”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Wonderful! I really love that post from challenges. It definately is a great mantra to follow! I want to print it and hang it up as a reminder 🙂 Thank you for a great kick in the pants to keep going.

  • DDG- That is exactly the sentence of Challenges’ post that jumped out at me. Too fond of sober sleep. Challenges: I think that is something a lot of us have noticed/found/loved- Your joy reverberates through this post- thanks and congratulations!!

  • Go, Challenges! LOVED this: “I have grown too fond of sober sleep. Clear head. Energy. Joy. Laughing. …” Me, too! Whenever I think of drinking, I then think, But, I’d have to give up all this, and “all this” feels so good, and so my-new-normal now… Belle, I am gearing up for Games of Thrones, and the second (long-overdue, it’s been out for a while) season of Wilfred. Haha

  • It is a wondrous new world to discover with a clear head and bright eyes. It is so much better….It is helpful to be reminded, to have someone else mirror the same awe and gratitude for this new world. Congratulations Challenges and congrats to all who undertake this journey.

  • what a happy post from both of you! clean floors AND chocolate cake. awesome.

    Dear Challenges, it is so lovely to hear of your pleasure in your achievement and in your new life. no going back now. no sirree! 🙂 🙂