not sure what i do for a living

PDS: “What’s this talk of your writing a book I hear? For what it’s worth, I think this is a great idea, and for some reason actually had the same thought for you in the last week or two.”

me: “yeah I’m mostly stuck between doing something like publishing the blog (with edits), or writing something new. And the stuck part has to do with time, and do I have anything new to say, and do I want this to be my real career πŸ™‚ I’m doing the catering for a post-wedding brunch on Sunday for a new client and her family totalling 16 guests … and some days I can’t figure out what it is I do for a living. Job #1, catering, sober stuff :)”


and most of the time i’m fine with the diversity that is my life. but the idea of a book in here doesn’t seem feasible, at least not today. i’m not someone who can ‘get up an hour earlier’ cuz my sleep is the glue that holds me together most days. sleep. le sleep. and lots of it.

on a GOOD note, for those of you stalking my medical state, my drugs have stabilized and i’m finally on day 2 of being completely symptom-free. this is the first time i’ve felt 100% regularly normal for awhile. i’m back to running short distances daily (10-11 minutes). sleeping well. doing lots of food stuff. the grocery store that was closed for renovations is open again. and there are leaves on the trees. cannot complain. not one bit.

OH and i’m sober! rock on.


Happy Day 50 to Aschae!

Happy Day 50 to Penguin!

Happy Day 50 to Jes!

Happy Day 50 to Tree!

Happy Day 50 to melissawynne!

Happy Day 50 to Beek!

Happy Day 50 to Howard!

Happy Day 100 to OneDayAtATime!

Happy Day 200 to Jan!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • your blog saved me! i tried meetings and “face to face” groups but your writing hits all the right notes. just think about it…and happy the meds are working.
    LD – northern NJ

  • Just keep mulling over the book. I’m sure you’ll do it when the time is right for you. I think sharing all your great, fun ideas would be great. We all know how difficult it is to get and stay sober, but do people out there know how much fun we have too?

      • – keeping in touch via the blogs is fun in itself
        – treat packages
        – photography
        – art projects
        – making new sober friends & actually getting to meet up
        – sharing drinks recipes and experimenting
        the list is endless

  • Marinate on the idea in your quiet moments (you do have a few of them, yes?)…let it float around…maybe give it 100 days of random speculation…maybe take what is already there and reconfigure. It is an amazing story…when I serendipitously found out about this blog back last June, there were under 200 people signed on to the 100 day challenge. How many now? Kind of like a magnet attracting and holding fast so many…myself included. The blog, the 100 days, the being there, the being funny, the being serious, the sharing, the unvarnished truthfulness..all good stuff…even if it never becomes a book.
    On another note…I was wondering where all the readers, sober seekers are from…seems like all over the world. Curious…I live in Las Vegas, an excellent place to get sober.

  • The work you’re doing to compile the first year is already part of the work done. But I’m assuming you’re thinking straight self-help rather than a memoir format? Your blog doesn’t have a huge amount about your drinking patterns and low points in it, there’s material there (although I know you didn’t have a dramatic bottom) if you want to mine it. But then there’s a different slant.

    I’d like to read it, for what that’s worth. I’ve been hunting out addiction memoirs and how-to-stop-drinking books for a couple of years now, and not one of them ever mentioned blogging, on line communities, or other ways than AA. It’d have been good to know about those things.

    • I think you should write the book and rock on! Don’t forget to mention de sober girls (; I agree with afteralcohol, all I ever found on quit drinking was the self-help books and AA. I knew nothing about the blogging world. It was quite serendipitous that I found you. Today is day 80 for me, thanks to you and the blogging world.

  • I think & feel if you wrote a book you could help sooo many more people….for me even though im only on day three, just knowing there’s more people fighting the same battles, helps!!! Esspecially because im not the group meeting type of person…Bella thanks sooo much…have a good day

  • Your book would be amazing! Actually when I first read your blog I felt like it was the best book I had read in a long time! Glad to hear you are feeling better πŸ™‚
    Today is day 30 for me which seems kind of amazing. Thanks for your support & wisdom πŸ™‚