Yellow Flowers for a Treat


Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

Used some tiny gift money to get myself some flowers this morning.
Slept 10 hrs last night (!), went for a small run, then got these flowers at the
Sunday market on the way home.
Next time you see a girl in spandex jogging by
with a bouquet of flowers cradled in her arms
… that’s me 🙂

edit: this is my 500th post since starting the blog.
seems fitting that it falls on a TREAT post.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • 500 is a big number…did you ever imagine 500 when you started out? It is too hard to say 500…100 is a good chunk and then it just goes forward from there.Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, said, shared, people supported, the good, the bad, the wonderful photos, the nuggets of wisdom, the picture of the yellow tulips…all of it. Deep gratitude.

  • congratulations – your blog is saving me. tulips are my favorite flowers and make me happy because spring is coming. You are so deserving of everything good!

  • Tulips are one of the best parts of spring! Thanks for 500 posts worth of goodness! (my morning fingers first mistyped ‘goodness’ as ‘goddess’- but perhaps that is also true? Belle, goddess of online sobriety? Kinda fits, eh?)

    • Love the flowers Belle! Congrats on 500! Visiting Indianapolis IN today and it’s a chilly 33 degrees F. Walking around the city listening to your voice in sober podcasts. Hugs!

  • Congrats on #500.  Day 129 for me sober.  Made it through my sisters funeral just fine, yesterday my Aunt died.  Another funeral to go to.  It’s only 3 degrees here this morning.  That’s ferinheight.  Spring is here?  I think not! Laurel

  • Beautiful! Fresh cut flowers are my #1 treat and I have been able to keep a small bunch in my kitchen on a regular basis. It is my best reminder of where I am and where I want to stay. Congrats on post 500!

  • Ahh spring . Le sigh. It still hasn’t reached us. I think I’ll treat myself to some tulips too. Guess I shouldn’t place them next to the roaring fire in the fireplace. Le poop!