flowered underwear

i sometimes think that sober blogging is like a mutual admiration society. You like me? you post here. you don’t like me, you leave and i never know.

sober blogging is like hanging out your weirdest flowered underwear, and having people come by and say “i like those” or “i have some like those” or “now i know what to do when i see those next” or “yes i agree with you those are too old-lady for you.”

sober blogging is telling y’all about my husband (he’s doing great!) moving to his new office (hooray!) and then i can get a bunch of attagirls (“you did the right thing, i admire your determination to find a solution.”)

i once saw a cartoon where the husband says to his wife, “i’m going to start a website where, when you and I argue, i can post about it, and people will agree with ME.”

and the longer i blog, the less frequently ‘old-timers’ come around to correct me. or guide me. or tell me when i’m full of shit. or point out obstacles on the horizon.

i know, i know, my blog, my rules.

but let me make one thing very clear. for realz.

please don’t forget that this blog’s primary job is to keep ME sober. i write (a lot) directly to myself, with me as the intended audience. i write shit to help my brain make sense of things. i record things for myself. you may find it helpful. you may not 🙂 do you like my flowered underwear? i need some new ones, but i can’t get fruit-of-the-loom here. imagine that.



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • The great thing is that your blog keeps you sober AND helps many others try day 1 and stay sober too! Oh and get to laugh a little along the way. Big Hugs!

  • You all make me smile so much 🙂
    Sober first, yes – but smiles come a very near second. If only because they help so much with the sober thing. Thank you ladies!

  • I feel like I am wearing flowered thongs.

    But like you, I write to keep myself sober. I am reminding myself why I can’t drink. I am not pouring out my heart out to look like a victim. This is more helpful than any other way I’ve tried in the past. And it feels wonderful if someone says my blog helps them.

  • Ok firstly, DUDE THIS IS PERFECT! secondly, I am sure where you are yelling DUDE at a darling lady is peculiar… Thirdly.. My flowered undies are up for display and I’ve shared it all with you and the blogosphere, and I need to keep the fun silly and hilarity of it all in mind.. Thank you dear Belle for sharing.. Xo

  • I feel like there’s also an awful lot of “Here is my weirdest flowered underwear. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who really likes flowered underwear, but here it is anyway” and then everyone chimes in and says hey, *I* like flowered underwear too! Actually this is the first time I’ve admitted it, but my favourite pair looks exactly like yours! I’m so glad we both have flowered underwear. I was thinking of going back to white, but you’ve reminded me that there’s a lot of joy in flowery underwear”.

    I also feel like I just typed ‘flowered underwear’ rather too many times. You started it.