100 Day Challenge celebrates …

Exactly one year ago today the 100 Day Sober Challenge was born on this site.  March 14, 2013. Holy long time batman. Since then I’ve emailed — at least once — 908 people. It’s been pretty amazing to sit on this side of the computer screen. I’ve gotten to know lots of people, i’ve read heart breaking emails. I’ve heard from you, then lost touch, then you pop back up again. I’ve had some people on the challenge since the first days who are now a year sober, and others who have had good success but got tricked by wolfie into trying some alcohol research. Some join the challenge when they’re already well along (100+ days) and others email in advance to say *this future date will be my day 1*.

i try not to think too much about what the future will bring. as i wrote to cat girl today, I don’t have any idea what happens if I suddenly get a lot of press or if things change dramatically in terms of numbers. I’ve sort of been kind of ostrich-y about it (no long-term planning at all).

Did i plan for any of this? No. I’ve been ‘stay here’-ing and just doing today’s work and not worrying about the future. This is a new me compared to how i was before. patience. waiting for the right thing to present itself. trusting that it unfolds nicely, as it should.

Part of the reason why i don’t plan for anything BIG to happen, is because I like my life (my sobriety) so much now that I don’t want to fuck with it 🙂 if i write a book, which does sound cool cuz I’d love to do some cross-country/continent speaking tours, and have events and stuff. but would I like that more than daily correspondence with real sober peeps (de girls and de boys)?

I’m probably guilty of thinking small, or of trying to remain small as a virtue. I’m sure that’s fucked up childhood shit because I’ve had it my whole life. I’ve always felt that quality of life is paramount even if I’m not wealthy. I agree that when I write it like that, it sounds so fucking noble and everyone is bound to agree, but I think a psychiatrist might suggest to me that I’m doing it on purpose to remain small, unjudged, protected. Which again, may not be a bad thing necessarily…

today I’m baking bacon (so that it stays flat), doing some phone answering for Job #1, and managing an auction for my husband’s job. i have a good mix of my 3 jobs. and i wrote two blogs posts, answered some sober emails, and did some mid-month billing. I remitted my payroll deductions. I also slept late, had a bath mid-day.  Perhaps fear of success makes me stay small, but I do like mid-day baths with mint tea 🙂

maybe i like this life where I don’t have to rely on anyone else, it’s just me and my empire and my staff of one. there we go. I should send my old psychiatrist from 1991 a cheque.

Here’s to another year of Team 100.  And here’s to whatever that may bring.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • …but a mid-day bath in a 5 star hotel? WhooWee! Congratulations on Year One and to all the people you have helped along the way! No matter what you do, you will do it and it will be good…

  • Congratulations on this 100 Day Challenge idea that has been a lifeline to so many of us. Whatever you decide to do about going big or staying small, I know you will do it with your usual flair. Staying small is not wrong if it is what serves and satisfies you. xx

  • Belle, it may not be success that you fear. It may be chaos, stress, and the destruction of your peace of mind that you fear. You are a success already: your marriage, your sobriety, your baking, your running, your business, your blog and all that goes with it are all signs that you are a success. You are genuinely creating change and moving onward with your life. You participate in the consumer society on both ends: in your personal life and with your merchant ventures. Being a consumer is a modern determinant of success. Maybe what your conscious mind is assuming is a fear of success is really the manifestation of being an interest-led person. Perhaps by nature you are more inner-directed than outer-directed. Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you what the philosopher E. F. Schumacher tried to tell the world at large: Small is Beautiful.


  • 908 – wow. I signed up on March 16th, 2013, a year ago tomorrow. I did an almost 60 day chunk and then got caught in what you call the “alcohol research” trap. I think I’ve done enough research now. Thank you for being there on my up and down journey Belle and for your daily patience, encouragement and support. What you are doing is huge. I’m giving it yet another go at 100 days. Merci Belle – Hugs, ST

  • Small not for me, counting the days and emailing you was one of the reasons I made it this far.
    Happy weekend and feel good

  • Happy Birthday Team 100- thanks Belle! I’m so grateful to have u at my finger tips and ur always there when I have floated in & out- because of u I am in a much better place than I was 12+ months ago!


  • First, Happy bday 100 day challenge. Second I think the “small” life you love is amazing and your description sounds like a very peaceful one. I think what you have done with your blog and your commitment to so many is very big. And the psychiatrist that may disagree that you are protecting yourself from greater things… I would disagree with. You have touched more people then you probably realize. Nothing about you Belle is “small”. Peaceful and predictable are positive qualities. You are truly amazing! Thank you for all the support and real ness you give.

  • It’s not the size that matters but the quality. This is one huge thing you’ve done for so many of us. Discovering you and your challenge is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Thank you for setting this up.

  • A bit late, but a happy happy birthday team 100-and+- from me too! It’s great to be part of this. Belle, I had to read this over and over again to believe I really understood well :I’m probably guilty of thinking small etc.
    I really truly don’t understand how you can feel like this. I blamed my stumbly English for about 10 times first.. Your blog, the catering, health issues (thinking of you&lighting a candle), running, mailing and helping all of us personally when we need it: how can you do all this and still not feel it’s big? How small would I feel if I believed this ;-)I don’t. It’s Huge, it is what it is and it’s great. I do a lot less and think it is fine, too. More than just fine: I am sober! Thanks to this small thing you/we do 😉 Hugs, and love

  • Happy Birthday, Team 100! now, a cake for 908 people? that I would like to see…
    Whither? schmither. Because we want to see what happens! love to you, dear Belle, and to all smart, funny, sad, inspiring, amazing members of Team 100.

  • The 100 Day Challenge changed my life and is one of the best things ever to happen to me. Thank you, wonderful Belle. (Oh, and can I have some of that flat bacon?)


  • Happy Birthday Team 100 and your illustrious leader Belle. It has been amazing to cheer from here as you all do the best you can and encourage one another so sweetly. Long may the smallness be the bestness and the love continue in our lives.

  • Wow–betcha never saw all “this” coming a year ago. Congratulations.

    “I should send my old psychiatrist from 1991 a cheque.” You always have at least one line that literally makes me laugh out loud (and occasionally snort).

  • Happy birthday, Team 100.
    I am so glad to have been along for the ride!
    What a wonderful thing you have done here. Long may it continue and you get pleasure from it always, whatever form that may take. Who knows….
    Carrie xx

  • Wow, a year already! That’s amazing…congratulation!

    And yes, I’ve been one of the ones back and forth…sometimes it was just too much for me. And then out of the blue you’d email me, almost always when I was trying again. I wonder how many times I’ve sent you that pledge email?

    No matter, I’m back, you’re still here…and countless people have been helped by you. You rock. 🙂