i told her the story of the wolfie voice

from my inbox (get your tissues ready):

Joyce (day 92):

I wanted to share a bit of magic with you. Today I went to an AA meeting, and there was a woman with 5 x 20-something women who reside with her in her sober living home.

One of those young women began sharing her thoughts on anger.  She told the group that in the past she had broken her sobriety numerous times believing that because she was young she had plenty of time to straighten up later.

As she sat there sharing the hope that her now 4 months of sobriety would “stick”, my heart went out to her.  I looked down at my lovely Fuck You Wolfie bracelet with its magical sobriety powers.

After the meeting I approached her and gave her a hug then told her the story of the Wolfie voice.  She told me she knew about that voice.  I took off my bracelet and showed her the inscription.  Her eyes widened and then she burst out laughing.  She was obviously surprised that some silver haired lady would have a bracelet inscribed with “Fuck You Wolfie” but she was clearly loving it.

I put the bracelet on her wrist and told her how much it had helped me to have this reminder of my promise to myself.  I told her that it would protect her from Wolfie just as it had protected me if she would only just believe.  Every time I saw her for the rest of the day, she gave me a huge grin and flashed that bracelet at me.  I hope with my whole heart this lovely young woman will remain sober.  I just ordered a new one for me.  It is, after all, magical.”


Happy Day 50 to DeeN!

Happy Day 50 to Amos!

Happy Day 50 to Angela!

Happy Day 100 to Liza!

Happy Day 100 to Janet!

Happy Day 100 to Beach_Gurl!

Happy Day 300 to Elle!

Happy Day 300 to Leah!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Love, love that story! Very cool!! I have the bracelet and I look at it everyday and I feel that it helps…. Especially at my witching hour between 6pm-9pm!!! I look at it and think F-U Wolfe you aren’t ruining my awesome day!!!!

  • Wonderful story. It’s people like Joyce and Belle who serve as sobriety bodhisattvas for the rest of us. Good work!

  • Love this!!!! Also I relate to the thinking pattern of the woman in the meeting about having time to get sober while you are young and thinking there is no rush. I did that for years and then woke up one day realizing that I could not longer use youth as an excuse because the years keep going and I kept drinking….Didn’t want that cycle to go on for yet another decade.
    Hooray for magical bracelet powers and for the F word (I love it too). I have been known to yell F You Wolfie while in my car or even sometimes riding my bike.

  • I bought my own “fu” bracelet. It’s just a cool bracelet I wear everyday. On a different magical note, my sober is the new black necklace arrived yesterday! Perfect timing! Today is day100!!!!!!!!! Thanks magical Belle….. You rock!

  • That is a touching story and did bring tears to my eyes. Having a job that requires me to be strait-laced and respectful (and respectable) I have never enjoyed the F-word more than I do now. (Personally) I am happy when I look at the F-word on the bracelet because it shocks me every time I see it. I may make the F-word a regular part of my thought processes. LOL. F-this and F-that and F-them.

  • Can you come up with a prudish version of the bracelet? 🙂 I love the idea but not a fan of the f-word. But I would like a bracelet I could look at and remind myself to stay strong.

  • That’s such an amazing story! I might even go to a meeting just to share the Wolfie story!!! It’s a rockin way of handling the cravings. Just to place it outside yourself, and walk away… I know for sure that it helps me stay sober. You are a star Belle, really.