no dogma, just self-care and treats

From CatGirl (day 81):

Oh hi there! I forgot to say to you. I was talking to my addiction counsellor t’other day and telling him about my crazy patchwork quilt of recovery, AA meetings … doing your team 100 challenge, emailing you, reading you, devouring recovery books like Caroline Knapp, Ann Dowsett Johnson … exercise, listening to bubble hour, etc, etc.

Anyhoo, my point. I was saying that it had really helped me having the 100 days to shoot for. He was saying, bearing in mind he’s an expert, that alcoholics like me, who have a high bottom, often need more than ‘one day at a time’ to strive for. They need medium level goals.

At first, I could only handle one day at a time, but after about two weeks, that seemed too easy. … Anyway, he was very interested in your 100 day challenge and wholeheartedly approved of it, so that’s interesting.

I was also telling him about your ‘all you have to do is stay sober’ podcast and how much that spoke to me. As soon as I came out as an alcoholic, it felt like I was suddenly given all these tasks, get a sponsor, read the big book every night, do the steps. I know I keep banging on about this, but it really was so off-putting.

And the fact that you have shoved no dogma in my face, trotted out no to-do, other than practising some self-care and staying sober…. well, it was a total breath of fresh air.   …

So, a WIN for you. This is a step in the right direction, non? Getting addiction counsellors interested. Hopefully he will chat to his colleagues about it and recommend to other recoverees with high bottoms like me. x”

Hooray for Cat Girl, she’s on day 174 today!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • This IS a unique approach- making an initial commitment to 100 days, and emphasizing self-love, self-care, growing in self-knowledge. It is a gentler and kinder way of approaching learning not to drink. And the potential for anonymity, if one desires, is also unique. Belle, you have stumbled on and then grown an approach that is very welcoming, especially to those of us put off by the AA tradition! Thank you so much for sharing your approach, and for caring!

  • Today is my Day 8, so everything is so new to me. The last few days opened up to a few friends about this change in my life and I have found MUCH support out there for me. My family knowsthat I’m doing the 100 day challenge and that invigorates me knowing that I am accountable. I’m writing this on my first Saturday morning feeling refreshed and proud of myself. Morning all!

  • Dogma. That is the word and thing that puts me off AA. I keep thinking of it as rules and I feel they add stress to trying to quit. But the AA dogma works for some. Just not all. I like counting by 10 days and each month. Thanks for the challenge.