step 3. new socks

From Carrie Kaffer (day 122):

“Great point in your post yesterday: now that i’m sober, i can pick up this thing instead of tripping over it repeatedly.

For me, it’s not as much sleep as some other things- where I suddenly realize that i don’t have to continue to put up with what has been niggling at, bothering me.


#1:  I hate it when all 3 dogs bark so much when we have callers:  Action:  call a dog trainer to come to the house, meet the dogs, and train us how to change this behaviour.

#2:  I hate our old smelly big garbage cans that we have to use to put out the trash each week.  Action:  Get rid of these, and buy brand new pristine garbage cans that I can keep clean and sweet-smelling.

#3:  I hate it when my skimpy running socks slip down at the heel, and I have to keep stopping to pull them up so they don’t disappear downward and make a lump under my heel.  Action:  Treat myself to a DOZEN new pairs of socks, thick and soft and well-fitting.

It wasn’t til I read your post that I suddenly saw the connection between these and many more similar occurrences.  What a great spark!

Why have I put up with these and myriad other things for so many years – they have been annoying me for a long time.  Why?  Because I was so caught up in drinking that I didn’t really pay attention to many parts of my life.  If it functioned OK, as in No Crisis, I wouldn’t waste time thinking about it.  And now?  Now I take the time to notice annoyances, and determine whether they are “Things up with which I must put” or “Things to be changed”.

How empowering this is!!”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Love, Love, Love this.. I to have been finding the annoying things are just much easier to handle.. Like kids and work and silly laundry piling up.. Its like, HELLO!!!! You’ve had the power all along… xo

  • Oh yeah. But it’s also a feeling of worthiness, like I let myself have a say now that the bad conscience is vanished (hey, I’m sober, my opinion counts!!!). There’s no longer room for belittling of myself, therefore I rock 🙂
    Have a lovely evening Belle, and good luck with the sleep!