• My signs: red flags everywhere. I even fell off a guest bed and poke myself in the eye which lead to a detached retina which lead to emergency surgery two weeks prior to my daughter’s wedding. But I still drank until TODAY. And the poke in the eye was in August 2012. I have since lost my job of 9.5 years in May and am broke. I am determined to turn my life around at this late age.

  • I had a sign everyday for four days straight. The first was a drunk guy spilling a drink at the table next to me at a restaurant when I was out with one of my gal pals… Drinking of course! I remember thinking..”I’m not that annoying when I drink, or am I?” The second sign was when I received the good housekeeping mag ( from my mother) and it opened up to the article about soberbia when I put it on the table. After I read it, I felt like it was written about me. Third sign was turning the tv on and seeing oprah’s ” where are they now” and ironically it was about a guy who was discussing his road to sobriety and he was sober 22 years! Lastly, I had a dream about my grandfather, who was an alcoholic my entre life. He died as a direct result if his addiction. After, I realizing these were all signs yelling at me to stop drinking!!!! I knew if I didn’t listen to these signs, I’d end up like my grandfather. I couldn’t do that to my kids. Sober ever since… With belle’s help, of course. Thanks!

  • One night at a restaurant, after ordering a 3rd glass of wine at dinner, my 7 year old son asked me, “Mom, are you obsessed with wine??” That should have been a slight clue.

  • Falling face first into the fridge while having a debate with a Scottish guy about how Irish is so much better! I just tipped over! Wow!
    Fell face first into the garden!
    Went to the school park with my blanket and dog, I actually had a nap!
    All of these and I never thought I had a problem til my now husband gave me an ultimatum and I put myself in the hospital for a week. May 25 2009 was the day that I sobered up and hung on to the most important things in life instead of a bottle.

  • I had a multitude of signs as well including wedging my right foot between two rocks and then falling over the rocks into a campfire. I broke my ankle in every way possible, but only lost my sunglasses to the fire. The hour long drive in the dark to the hospital in Santa Fe was highly unpleasant . To top it off I had just lost my health insurance. All this plus two surgeries and it still to me 18 months to quit. So stupid!

  • ha ha ha!

    reminds me about the joke about the man stuck on a rooftop in a flood, who rejected rescue attempts because he had faith that God would save him. When drowned and went to Heaven he asked God why He hadn’t saved him. “Whaddya mean?” replied God. “I sent two boats and a helicopter.”

    Thank you all my online buddies in your fleet of little ships!

  • Haha… how many of us had a multitude of signs along the way. Wetting yourself in public, throwing up in the street, on the train, people making comments about your drinking, the bewilderment at why the govt safe drinking limits for a week seemed to equal a lunchtime of drinking for you, the car crashes, the falling off a platform under a tube train… etc. etc. etc. If God is some old wise guy with white hair on a cloud watching all this and putting these signs deliberately in our way then I must have exasperated him beyond belief – St Peter must have hated the language after every failed attempt – and he would have surely have pulled all that long white hair out by the time 14th May 2004 came around and I finally got the message…

    • Brilliant. And true. I have two scars on my face from different drunken accidents – signs right on front of me every time I look in the mirror!

      • I have two lovely scars on my face too. One from the first year of college (chin) and one from about a year and a half ago (between nose and upper lip). Stupid, stupid, stupid that after the second one happened it took me 16 months to finally reach the truth that no matter how I looked at it I had a serious problem.