good news

Today i am on the lookout for good news.  i’m going to search it out. I’m going to fling my radar wide-open and look for signs (of all kinds) that all is well.

I’m going to edit this post throughout the day as I make a list of good bits. It’s like a gratitude journal + focussed awareness + looking for signs + expecting goodness to arrive.

Let us begin:

    • Mr. Belle sang the Poop Song to me this morning and made me laugh before 9 a.m. [Source: Poop Song … advance to 3:10 to hear the song]
    • This made me smile, email from Nan: “It surprises me to find that your brief replies are totally uplifting and I really look forward to them. LOL. Thanks for paying attention


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I am so grateful that it is light when I get out of work and today it was 27 degrees, not too bad. Also, very thankful that my heat in my car and house are both good!

  • Good news: I just survived the closest “fuck it” moment of my 47 days of sobriety. Thanks for all the tips and positive perspective.

    • Stay strong, eew, you’ve got the worst of it behind you. I am so glad to hear that you made it thru that moment. Great day coming, thanks to your good news and all the other I read here this morning.

  • Hi Belle..Love your blog!! I love Pharrell Williams song it on you tube or download it..a guaranteed shift!!

  • It snowed about a half a foot in the last day so I get to go cross country skiing after work. Amazing that I feel like doing it – all because of NO WINE. Thank you Belle and F/U wolfie. Have a great day everyone!

  • Starting on Jan 1st, I put up a 14×17 inch piece of poster board on our fridge and some fun colorful fine-tipped markers next to it. In the center of the paper I wrote “Gratitude January, 2014” in a rich red color (it is freezing here). Every evening we write one thing we’re grateful for. LOVE having this beautiful piece of art taking shape – it almost feels alive and it exudes thankfulness. Even if we’re cranky and over-tired, we can always stop and add one thing to the board before we head up to bed. This poster makes me smile as I look at the creative lettering and drawings and choice of words from the four of us. Belle – I think gratitude is huge and there are tons of studies showing how powerful it can be when practicing it daily. Look forward to seeing what else you add to your list.

  • Started this myself Monday as I drove to work over cold-heaved roads and sub-zero temps. The radio station I listen to has a bit every once in awhile where listener’s call in to tell the hosts something good. It’s titled, “tell me something good”. Mine for Monday was, driving on frost-heaved roads is like riding a summer fair ride!

    What’s really amazing tho, is what happens when you greet people with this statement!

    You wrote to me about two weeks ago about “re-framing”, same thing… it really is all in how we “frame” things. I know my thoughts, my self-talk is so powerful. Sometimes, stuff just plain sucks, and it’s hard to be positive. I love your statement — “gratitude journal + focused awareness + looking for signs + expecting goodness to arrive.”

    Good news today:

    *it’s gonna be 20 degrees! Whooppppeeee, a heat wave!
    *1st cup of fresh coffee!

  • I love this! Made me laugh too–I have heard the words “poop” or “pooper” (as in you are a) more in the last 24 hours than anytime in my life. Don’t want to think about that being a sign for anything.