“OMG I think we’re the same person”

from my inbox, a similar theme:

Shell Bell (day 52): “Sometimes I think (in my perfect little world) you that pick a micro-email just for me to read .. so until that truth is revealed… i will keep smiling, stay sober and cherish the emails from one and all!”

Robin Anne (day 15): “I thought the talk and input was excellent [during the clutter class]. I really resonated with so much of it and agree with what you say so much that I feel like you must be living in a corner of my brain somehow and I was just calling that corner by the wrong name or had not named it at all!  haha!!!”

Runnerchick (day 22): OMG! I think we are the same person… You wrote ‘I’m done with struggle.  I’m cutting open the box of struggle, i’m squishing sides flat, and i’m putting it out for recycling.  someone else can take home my struggle if they want it. I’ve been carrying it for a long time. 37 years probably. i seem to want to cry as i write that.  since i’ve been 9 years old, my life has been too hard for me.  in my new, happier life, i am sober, happily married, earning money, and i’m finally finally getting enough sleep.  i never would have done this if i was still drinking.’ … I just read your May 2013 blog about always being a light sleeper and separate beds and then your conclusion was so profound… that was my childhood, only at age 7.  Done carrying my struggle box too… done after 50 years! Thank you… I may have to rethink my planned day 101 drink now.”

Sobanista (day 6): “First, thank you for doing this wonderful thing. You’re like Deepak and Oprah but so so much better. The date of my last drink was on xxx. And I am ready to do this!”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’ve been looking for effective online sobriety support for years and finally found some. Present company very much included. I’m on day 2 …again…again…and … I don’t give up.

  • Thank you all for being the first sober community I have truly connected with. Your blog Belle, and all of your comments keep me going. It’s still early for me, but, I have never had a supported community in my past attempts. I think (know) with all of the support, it will be different this time…actually, it already is.

  • “Face to face support groups have never been compatible with my way of doing things and I’ve found so much to fulfill me in this style of camaraderie with all of you.”

    So, so, soooo true…

  • Always learning when I read Belle’s blog. Today’s lesson: our struggles and challenges, altho different in the details, are universal and when we find others who think and feel as we, then we resonate and the cognitive dissonance we have been living with gradually dissipates until one day we look up and say, “Hey, the Wolf has moved out of my head and I can think again for MySelf!” Face to face support groups have never been compatible with my way of doing things and I’ve found so much to fulfill me in this style of camaraderie with all of you.

    Huge congrats to all who are succeeding; hope for those trying to make the choice to come to sobriety; and empathy for those still caught in the destructive addiction web.

  • @Runnerchick … and even possibly the one planned for day 102 … AND the many many UNPLANNED ones for after that; stay sober, the pay off really is worth it!