i need a shero (bonnie tyler?)

Hana (day 65):

Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation! Just listened to your prerecorded Christmas Open Call … great audio, I laughed, nodded, said yes to your questions, and even cried a bit toward the end. It’s the holidays so we can be emotional right? (: I loved how you mentioned not drinking in Sonoma, and talked a ton about yellow food, shot down the idea that when we act badly while intoxicated it’s our real selves, and the courage of those on the call was huge… Good, good stuff!!! Thanks for being you, this was really, really helpful as I wade through the seemingly endless holidays. This is hard shit but ya I’m proud to be sober, big time!

Erinup (day 173): 

“Things I learned on my first non-pregnant, over 21, sober Christmas.

— wrapping gifts at 11:30 on Christmas Eve is much easier sober.  Mostly because I remember where I hid everything and I am not falling asleep while trying to wrap.

— waking up on Christmas morning and being excited to see the kiddies open their gifts is better without a hangover. Better meaning it doesn’t even compare!

— arguing with the mother-in-law on Christmas day is much better when I don’t have to worry if I overreacted, said something I’ll regret — or even worse said something I won’t remember.  For the record: in previous years I thought she was being a bitch, but then I thought maybe I was being over sensitive because I was drinking. Nope, she’s a bitch.

— getting sick from food poisoning on Christmas night sucks, but it is better getting sick and not thinking or having other people think that the real reason is that I drank too much.

Nothing monumental, but everything was better.  Better =  easier, clearer, happier.”

Lynda (is it 38 years sober? or 39?):

“I’m beyond thrilled that you have sold out all the [new necklaces]. So many people are benefitting from your blog and its accoutrements — words on page, audio words, jewelry to keep our intentions in the front of our actions, emails to bolster when we’re feeling low, open calls so we can all hear each other if we want to speak out… You are amazing. Keep up the inimitable work you are doing that is keeping you clean and sober and dragging many hundred people with you. I have needed a new hero and you are the ONE !~! Shero Belle.”

Happy 200 days to Trish!

Happy 200 days to Patricia!

Happy 180 days to Beckie!

Happy 180 days to Emm Ce!

Happy 150 to Sharon!

Happy 150 to Erin-Kay!

Happy 150 to Jennifer!

Happy 100 days to Happier Like This!

Happy 100 days to NoWine4Me!

Happy 100 days to Emily!

Happy 100 days to Cat Girl!

Happy 100 days to Julieanne!

Happy 100 days to Carol!

Happy 50 days to Caro!

Happy 50 days to Norman!

Happy 50 days to Annabelle!

Happy 50 days to Ginger Funk!

Happy 50 days to Primrose!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Congrats on that List of Successes. You ALL ROck the house every day with your decision to remain sober during this hard as hell time of year. Stay the course and let’s get thru NYE together too. I stay off the streets (former EMT), eat a good dinner and drink lots of cold water. Then I kiss my spouse of nearly thirty years and go to bed about ten o’clock. Join me-it’s a queen-sized bed, we’ll all fit 🙂

    Cheers and best to all of us as 2014 comes flying in.

  • Congrats to so many. I am looking forward to 50 days, 100 days and as Lynda has, 38 years (wow…you are a shero too, Lynda).

  • Katherine: Thanks! It is nice to argue or disagree on a level playing field. I have no regrets. A Christmas of no regrets. Who could have imagined??? Such amazing and wonderful support here.

  • Congrats to all of you sober warriors!!! All of us are going to have a sober New Years Eve and it’s gonna be fun and safe. I’m feeling a little guilty because fiancée wants to do something with drinking that night and I just need to be away from booze this year. I told him that next year I’ll be totally up for a party, but this year I don’t want to spend the night watching others drink… What are you guys planning for NYE?

  • To Erinup: I just laughed out loud when I read the mother in law part! Too funny! I did a lot of that…thinking it was ME…turns out it wasn’t always me!

    Congrats to ALL of you!