• Merry Christmas Belle! When I think about taking a drink, I think about you and this challenge that I’m on, and it gives me strength. Thank you!

  • Not sure when I discovered your blog; pretty sure it was through Mrs. D. Not at all sure how I came across hers. I know that the title of your blog captured my attention. I most certainly know that I am indeed most tired of THINKING about drinking. Thinking is why I drank in the first place. I was self medicating to slowdown my thinking. My mother and spouse joke about how hot my head is because my brain is always in overdrive. I’ve never been into drag racing; perhaps it’s time to put the brakes on. I’m ready to be what I was meant to be. Refine my already considerable skills; not fritter them away in booze soaked evenings. Time to recapture my wonderful life. This Christmas I’m giving myself the gift of sobriety. Mother Nature wants me to be happy and whole. I’m waiting a week to start the 100 day challenge as I’d hate to flake out prematurely.

    Lurking with Intent

  • Merry Christmas Belle! You rock. Thanks for all you do and your creative talent! After 23 days I want to have a glass of wine with Christmas dinner but I want sobriety more!