turn and face the new you over here

From me:

i am well into pre-vacation mode (i.e. reading on sunday lasted 6 hours). I also had a super live call yesterday (pre-recording for christmas). I am cooking as little as possible. I’m doing the smallest amount of work possible for Job #1 that i can manage without getting fired. Job #2 officially closes/retires at the end of December. le fucking gigantic sigh i love vacations. love em. can’t wait. my sobriety isn’t really in question these days. it’s a known quantity. i wish i had something profound to say. something about yellow food maybe …

From my inbox:

R (Day 1): “I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety right now. I got drunk I’m front of 2 people and I don’t know what I did but I have a feeling it wasn’t good – my intuition. I don’t know who I am when I drink – it’s hard to wake up and realize that my behavior while drinking goes against my morals, ethics, pride. I’m freaking out.”

me: “that anxiety will fade a bit, I promise. every day sober is one day ‘away’ from that time back there and one day ‘toward’ the new you over here.  turn and face forward. there’s lots to look forward to, including less anxiety … coming right up.”

R (Day 6): “Belle!!! I was listening to Audio #3 by myself while I had my first cup of coffee in the morning and I am hearing myself exclaiming, “Yes! Yes!” at several points during the message. Finally!  Something that clicks – someone who Is speaking my language and who has a way of illuminating the solution in such a useful, empowering, and engaging way! For the first time – I finally get what hope feels like!!!!!! [note from me: i just had to leave in all of her exclamation marks. just cuz!!!]

Team 100 update:

467 people have signed up so far, welcome to new members: Wanting to be a Sober Mom (12), Gail (12), Joan B. (4), Ali Moll (10), Tammie (11), DeeN (12), Tara (78), Steph (10), Brynn (8), Barista71 (15), Martha C.(96), Sunny (9), Jessy (5), DaysintheWake, Moira(8), Joom (8), Tim (33), kellyfamilymama (6), Mindy (6),  JustHadToHaveIt (5), Margy (5), Christie (4), Niki (3), Queenie (3), Beach_Gurl (18), Jeannine (9), JeanM (9), OneDayAtATime (1).

Happy Happy Day 100 to Jan!

Happy Happy Day 100 to Maureen!

Happy Happy Day 100 to Jill!



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Hana–Way to go on 54:::more than half way there. Proud of YOU TODAY !~! Congrats to all who are succeeding at one day at a time. I know some hours can be the very worst of hell and yet-it passes and another “thing” takes its place. But we have strength and each other so Hang Tough and Yell for Help. No Shame in Asking for Someone to Give you a Lift (I first typed “Life” and that’s true too.)

    The inspiration that emanates every day with your galvanizing list of people succeeding at a very hard lifestyle change amazes and delights, motivates and animates those who may have been wavering about the possible bennies.

    Please never doubt even for an instant that you are making a difference. My class motto was: Within your reach !~! You have proven that again to me even after 38 years gone. Namaste.

  • Go ladies, a huge Congrats to each of you! You actually made it happen and are a huge inspiration to the rest of us (: I’m more than half way there, after trying to get sober starting June 9th. It took a bunch if starts and stops but this time it stuck, sometimes stubbornness is a virtue. Can’t wait to join you in Team 180! – Hana (Day 54)