The world stopped spinning out of control when I stopped drinking! … Wine bottles should have a warning label on them: may cause things to seem worse than they really are!




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Yes, I agree. In the last 30 days being sober I have been struck by how much easier my life seems. I have more time, more energy & I am not as worked up about the things that I need to deal with. Have I really been making my life so much more difficult all these years?!?!

  • Given a soapbox and an audience and I can carry on for months about the way alcohol is pushed onto us from the time we are old enough to see the ads. I went to college in Salem Oregon and on my bus route to school was a Jose Cuervo ad and the ONLY type on the entire billboard said “Anything can Happen”. No shit. I got into so so so much trouble drinking Jose and Jim and Jack and Johnny. I hate how the ads purport to Solve problems !~! I don’t think so, Tim. (Home Improvement reference) I so wish there was a way we could counteract all this advertising but years ago I heard that the advertising industry was spending six Billion dollars a DAY. Un-farking-believable isn’t it ?~! A dollar a day for every man, woman and child on the planet at that time. For advertising, Oh My Gah, are we insane !~!

  • I really agree with the comments here. The whitewashing of how dangerous alcohol is is absolutely comparable to the cover up on cigarettes through the 20th century. Alcoholism is common and we need to protect future generations from falling victim the way we have, with more caution and control, better education, and most importantly, good social reinforcement for nondrinkers.

    • Yep…especially the 21st birthday cards! I tried to find my nephew (who doesn’t drink) a plain ole’ funny, non-alcohol 21st card. I think I ended up getting a non 21 card.
      It’s everywhere and on everything!!!
      I went to a craft show awhile back and wanted to buy myself a new apron as a sober ‘reward’ and of course the choices of material were martini glasses and wine glasses and I found ONE that had tea cups and pots on it! It was pretty sexy too…red/black and white! I rocked that tea cup apron when I hosted Thanksgiving sober! 🙂

  • Agree. Reading Food Network magazine last night, there’s an entire section devoted to wine and not cooking with it, just drinking and entertaining. We need to get the surgeon general to put a warning on wine and not just for pregnant woman but for all. I think it’s a huge problem among women as Bridget says. I’m in my 60’s and drinking wine has been fashionable for years and years.

  • What really p*sses me off is that wine is being increasingly marketed to women. All the cute-sounding brands coming out (FlipFlop, Skinny Girl, Middle Sister). And the glamorization – fancy glasses, wine charms. Worst of all, the acceptance of drinking as something everyone SHOULD do. Playdates for kids where the moms bring wine *to the playground*!! Facebook groups like Mommies Need Wine. I am soooooo sick of the bullsh#t! Drinking caused a lot of problems for me over the past 20 years. Some of us are born with the allergy and some aren’t. But you don’t know that until you start drinking and learn when it’s too late and you have a problem. The longest I was sober was for 18 months, with spurts of months here and there. I’m now working very hard and will have one month next Monday. Trying to ignore all of the constant in your face marketing is sometimes a full-time job. Oh? And by the way? I am in marketing for a living. I just am not promoting alcohol – I promote healthcare products, which I can at least feel good about. I love my profession but am hating parts of it right now.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I sometimes feel like shouting, “I’ve been lied to….you’re ALL being lied to! Think of how many problems you have that would GO AWAY if you didn’t drink!!!”

      It is always in our faces – movies, TV, everywhere.

    • Exactly! It’s Everywhere! In pretty pink bottles with cute names that make it sound like you’ll have the time of your life drinking it! I tell myself ALL the time that it’s ‘poison’ in pretty bottles !