extra large olives

micro posts or micro emails. well i’ve decided to do both. i sent out a micro email a few hours ago and – as i suspected – some people don’t read the blogs as often and are therefore happy to receive a direct email. Also i think that some might feel that it’s easier to be honest by email rather than posting on the blog.  So if you missed the email about ‘lustrous hair’ because you’re not on the list, then … well, you know. get on it.


ok, here’s a really great short email from Laurel:

Laurel (day 25):

There is a little store 1/2 mile from me.  A nice lady.  She will stock anything you request. Wolfie said I should be ashamed of myself because now she has the wine, liquor, and extra large olives I requested and I’m not buying them anymore :)”

me: “I’m sorry but this is hilarious!”

laurel: “Yeah!  Wolfie has a sense if humor I guess.  He is such a smart ass.”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I thought my liquor store would go out of business when I quit 76 days ago. I would walk the dog every night after work and drop in for a bottle (make that two bottles) of wine ( much more on the weekends). My dog always got a treat from the owner. She still expects to go in every time we pass it was such a habit for us. Now I carry treats so she’s not being deprived. And I got treats too! Like how good I feel and how much I enjoy
    our walks. I was so dead when I was drinking 🙁

  • omg…too funny! I remember thinking about the liquor store where I had the guy ordering me a certain pinot grigio that I loved. Guess those bottles are now 16 months old! lol Nah…I’m sure someone else bought them and felt like shit the next day! I actually thought the owner guy was going to think that I died! Nah…I was walking around dead then…now I’m ALIVE! 🙂