it all started with amy

Happy 365 Days to Amy!

you know it all started with Amy.

Amy: “I have been reading your blog on and off for a lot of today and wanted to say thank you. I am 41 years old and have struggled with the way I drink since my mid teens. It has been a great relief to read about your success and to hear the same thoughts I’ve had over and over come from someone else’s head…. Thank you for opening yourself up and being honest about your problems with alcohol. It helps me not feel so crazy! Best, Amy”

me: “you are so welcome 😉 how sweet of you to reach out! you’re definitely not crazy. it’s just the booze that makes us think weird things, and as soon as the booze is gone our thoughts become more ‘normal’ … and the relief you’ll feel is quick in coming (thankfully). some days still suck, but resisting booze is NOTHING compared to feeling like a crazy person!  I’d be happy to hear how you do as you go along 🙂 if you’d like to be pen pals, just send me a message now and then (or daily!) to report on how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and all the genius ideas you realize as you go along. all best, Belle”

Please let’s raise a glass of tonic/chai tea/v8 juice to Amy. She’s celebrating day 365 today. AND she has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine. AND she is rocking the sober world on her blog. Imagine what the next year will bring 🙂

Team 100 update: 438 members, welcome to InNeedOfGrace (59), Mr Fun (7), SimpleCalm (20), London (3), Zentient (97), Changingmylifeat60 (13), Monica (9), Joan (17), ldederer (7), Nuchter Maya (7), Old_dude29 (7), Sasha (10), Jeroen (68), Justme (5), Cactus Garden (6), Alana (5), Liza (8), Bonnie (5), Shell Bell (5), Kristina (5), Peter (6), Katiebelle (5), Mauri (6), Alli (7), TS (5), Rae (15), NoMoreGames (3), Janet (8), Dubby (4), Feisty (2), Jz (2), Charlotte (9), Theface (2), Doggie Momma (2), Nevermore (2).

Happy 100 Days to Nic!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Never read Good Housekeeping. Ever. Picked it up today, thumbed through it and found Amy’s story. And her blog. And your blog. It was fate. It is time. Praying for support and strength. Thank you from the bottom if my heart.

  • Congratulations to all who start that journey. This is tough shit we’re doing. Day 90 (I think) for me, and planning to continue.

  • Thank you to both of you, Amy & Belle. I am only two days into my journey, but I am hopeful. Thank you for sharing your stories. I will need them to keep my strength up.

    Kris (wantingtobeasobermom)

  • Hi Amy…I guess I owe my life changing events to both you and Belle…you for being featured in GH and making reference to Belle’s 100 day challenge and blog…you passed the baton to Belle in help keep me real and sober. Thanks and love to you both.

  • Congrats, Amy! Thank you for being brave and saying yes to doing the Good Housekeeping article. You reached so many people who were struggling to overcome their drinking problems. Without you I would not have found Belle and the 100 Day Challenge. At Day 23 I am again in control of my life and feel better physically than I have in years. Congrats to 100 days for Nic! And, a special thanks to Belle for your continued support.

  • Thank God for Amy. Her Good Housekeeping article pointed me to your 100 Day Challenge. Amy, you are awesome!!! Congrats to Nic! 100 days seems like a really long time when you’re on Day 18.

  • Wow-Amy -just look what your reaching out helped to create. Big big congratulations on a year–enjoy your blog.
    Congrats on 100 days to you Nic.
    438 members-how does your computer not crash with all that incoming mail Belle 🙂