Happy 100 days and Happy 100 days

Happy 100 days to Bizi

Bizi: “Dear Belle, I had been a lurker before I started the challenge… when we had our last [vacation] I started. I knew that there were not any vacations nor holidays for the 100 days. So I took the plunge and started counting days of Alcohol free. I had never gone that long with out a drink, I have differing lengths of abstinence over the last 3 years, month here a month there. 90 days once last year. But this is the first time that I made it 100 days. So for this I say thank you Belle for supporting me. It made it easy to not drink when I finally let go of all of the drama and said that *I don’t drink anymore*. Period.”

Happy 100 days to Julz!

Julz: “100 days done and dusted -yay me!!! – bring on challenge 180!

How I felt 100 days ago: desperate, sad, knackered, tired – oh so tired, tired of being tired, tired of being a half hearted mother with nil energy for my two beautiful children, grumpy with my children, grumpy with my husband, doing a rubbish job at work, horrid in every aspect of my life.

How I felt a week or so in to the challenge: knackered, tired, grumpy, but…….. Hopeful, proud

How I felt half way through the challenge: still tired and like a chocolate addict, but….. Happy, energy boosted, proud.

How I feel now: still like a chocolate addict but….. Happy, energy boosted, like a good mum, I have time and energy for my two beautiful babies, I am watching them flourish before my eyes, they talk to me, they have fun with me, yes I occasionally go mad, but these are NORMAL mummy moments NOT hungover ones, I am doing a good job at work, i am being a good wife, I am sooooooo proud of myself, I am sooooooo happy.

Does wolfie a still talk to me? Yes, occasionally, but rarely and when he does I give him a quick flick and he’s gone, I know it might not always be like this and I know times could still get tough but right now life it good, I’m good, I’m better than good — I’m alive!”

From me:

I am fine. I am not working too hard. I am not overwhelmed. I am not someone to worry about (at least not this week!). I am having a very slack period in catering and I’m happy for that. i could use some magic to help me sleep soundly at night, but i fear that at nearly 47 years old, that skill isn’t going to be mine. i have other talents. being a sound sleeper isn’t one of them. and since i no longer self-medicate with wine or cold medicine, i’m just … sleepless in europe this week. This weekend i hope to get back to running more regularly and i’m sure that’ll help.

i’m also old y’all. and may need some … hormones.


Like my sleep wasn’t already fucked up enough. honestly. the injustice of it all. can’t i have nice hair AND sleep soundly through the night? No? fine. i’ll keep the nice hair and just DEAL. but i will whine about it. to an audience. you’ll see.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Yay 100!!! Well done Jules and Bizi…keep it up!
    What you talking’ about Belle? You are a fucking world class sober rock star and you shall have nice hair and sleep too, if that’s what you want! It will come, I am willing it and you can have anything if you set your mind to it!
    Sleep isn’t going to get the better of you! C xx

  • Woot Woot Bizi and Julz!!!! Congrats!!! So happy to hear your continuing on the journey!!! So happy to follow in your foot steps!

  • Congrats to Bizi and Julz and keep going it’s great! I’m 62, Belle, what can I say, the hormones have come and gone, post menopause is here and I still don’t sleep soundly. Sorry more shit women have to deal with, at least you have nice hair!

  • Thanks guys,
    yes I joined team 180!
    Belle I think running again will help with your sleep. some one suggested light yoga before sleep too. sorry it is not the best,
    and please think hard before you start hormone therapy,
    breast cancer risk and all.

  • Happy 100 days to Bizi and Julz!!! Way to go girls!

    Belle…I totally get the hormone thing and lack of sleep! I’m 49 and “The Change” is at my house! We can whine together! “Is it HOT in here or is it me?” is my favorite line these days! lol

  • Oh sleep, made an entire quilt one year in the deep of the night… sleeping better these days since I’m not self medicating. That blood sugar drop at 3 am is a bite! I’ve had success with night time yoga, something about the gentle movements and thoughtful breathing helps me sleep. But, I’m older that you (57!)! Bring on the whining!

  • Congrats Bizi and julz–way to go! Welcome to team 180

    Belle–hormones LOL..i’m so with ya but pre-laughing anticipating your future whining.