support ‘as needed’

In the world of sobriety, I am well. Wolfie is all but silent this week. Not a flicker here or there. I know that staying connected with you helps to make this possible for me. So to you, let me say thanks ­čÖé

and i got some more good news today … had decided to phase out one of my jobs, and instead of having to shut it down entirely, an existing client wants to buy it from me. Rock onwards!

and then I got this amazing testimonial from a registered counselor (yippee!). I think in the UK you’d say I am chuffed. In Can-America, we’d say tickled pink. Or stoked. Yes, I do occasionally run around the apartment with glee when shit like this happens.


And lastly, to brighten your day today, please check out this sober poetry I received from Jo, who is today on day 81.

Jo: “Belle, i’m on 74 days, 74 days times how many sober breathes? Now that’s what I’m talking about! And you know, if that’s all I have to┬áshout about it’s over the top, abundantly good, more than enough .A balloon that is now filled and now floating in a beautiful blue sky … A┬ácolossal power intervened,┬ádropping the┬áknowledge of greater darker times to follow if I kept on swallowing death, it exploded┬áinto a polluted, stagnant, dark and narrow life, mine! Less than 12 hours later┬áthen I┬ácame upon your blog. So there it is and here I am. Simple. Don’t drink for any reason, no reason IS rational, logical, justifiable.

I read the 100 day contract, and COMMIT come Hell or High-water, i’ll surely walk the walk┬áwith you. Not alone, not left to wither further, but allowed to grasp a firm┬áhand through the wonderful world of technology. In a realm, in another dimension, that I know exists, you truly┬áwere there, you’re in the┬áright now, moments of life, not limited by structure but ever reaching into the great unknown, the great beyond, and there you have it. Trust….Let go….

I hadn’t expected the care, understanding or the encouragement. It keeps me out of the shadows of defeat and in the circle of hope. Thank you!”

the best take-away from jo’s email? don’t keep swallowing death…

Team 100, we are now 343 members … yes that’s 9 new people in the last 24 hours ­čÖé Welcome to Tina, Mary, Ellena, Miss Jane, & Suz (day 2), Terrie (4), Disney (6), Fulu (1), and Nan (6). Happy 100 days to Jenny Garden Girl!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Great news about the business sale, mote cash for the bakery!!
    And that’s a well deserved testimony, you are amazing and unique and we love you for it.
    May all the happy days that you deserve be yours!
    Good on ya Belle.

  • Wow! You should be “tickled pink”! Really, 343 members? That’s 343 sober cars driving around the world! Wow! You should be very proud of what you’ve created Belle! It’s a powerful gift that you give to so many! We are NOT alone on this journey! ­čÖé

  • I awoke to Day 2 with a clear head and the thought “Oh, I must email Belle”. The counselor’s comments are spot on, I certainly feel accountable to you but the best part is knowing I can ‘talk’ to you and everyone via this blog at any time -no appointment needed. Way to go Belle!!

  • Go Belle! ­čÖé That put a roof tile on me boat race – just trying to stretch your British to Cockney Rhyming Slang! Translates to that’s smile on my face ­čśë