Audio: Lull (abye)

In the podcast #11 recorded last night, I talk about having a lull in my sobriety. What do we do when there’s a lack of excitement (a lack of drama, a lack of chaos). When the pink clouds stop. When there’s no immediate goal. And it’s hard to sit with yourself during these times.

Click on the blue button “Listen Here” to hear a 3 minute extract taken from the MIDDLE of the podcast. The full audio is just over 10 minutes long.


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Elizabeth (16):  “I am sober and so grateful for it!  Your inspiring posts are always great, and I always look forward to reading and/or hearing the audios.  It’s kind of like Christmas when a new one pops up! :-)”

Donna (7): “I listened to all of your podcasts twice over the weekend. They helped me get through some tight spots, so thank you. They also must have sunk in because yesterday I reached out to one of my best friends who has 25 years of sobriety and asked for her help (anytime over the next 93 days if I feel like drinking I will text her. If she thinks it’s a good idea I get to have a drink.) it seems so obvious that I should have done this with my earlier attempts. But something is different this time. I have raised my barriers to failure. I now feel accountable to myself, you, and to my friend to not drink. My toolbox is growing and I feel like this time I am actually using it. Hoo fucking ray.”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Living in a crazy housdhold, working from home, kids, family, friends its often busy and noisy, fun also ofcourse but I really need those calm times, nothing moments, just time to sit and take hold of time, not let it run through my hands so fast, slow things down. This helps me center myself.
    Emma b

  • Ha! Just before heading here, I wrote about struggling with boredom. Should have listened to you first cos you sum it up perfectly. The lulls. It’s hard. But I guess it’s normal and there’s always a tomorrow.

  • I love days of nothing. Nothing is highly under rated in my book. I think boredom and blah days are luxuries. Even in my pre- drinking life I felt that way.
    -now I only heard the sample of it but I do think I got the gist.Thanks for that Belle.
    One of the things that I decided when I stopped drinking the poison was also not to complain about it or to grieve over it because like anything that is harmful to you well it just should not be shown attention to.