the help that i asked for has arrived

all is well over here.Β  baking and making and rolling and trying to find room in the third fridge … can you imagine one human having three fridges? and there still not being enough space? πŸ™‚ just discovered that my takeout boxes hold more than I thought they did, so I need less room in the fridge, which means less stress which means – well – it’s just good news.

i’ve been able to run yesterday and today. i’m eating well. I’m focusing on how everything is going very well. any errors are being caught right away (pie crusts portioned to 57 grams each instead of 50 grams… ok i just trim them as i’m putting them in the tins). i have ziplock bags filled with water in the freezer for when we REALLY run out of fridge space and have to start storing things in big rubbermaid containers.

the help that i asked for has arrived, and has so far exceeded my expectations.Β  my assistant last night (a regular catering client who doesn’t cook herself) was such a rock star with the veggie prep that she worked 4 hrs without a break and made no mistakes, took up very little room, and didn’t chat unnecessarily. The best assistant possible for me at this stage.

I continue to read and respond to Team 100 emails. I’m thinking of launching a Team 180 to follow up… like, let’s get to 6 months and check out the view from half-a-year-sober! Thanks to you for sending me good vibes. All is well. Busy but fine. Getting enough sleep, running, getting help.Β  And that, my friends, might be the solution to all of life’s problems πŸ™‚


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Ooh, Team 180! Yes, please! I’m nearing Day 100 and not ready to let go of structure yet. Maybe there is some way to leverage the Team 100 graduates as new-member buddies? XO, Kristi

  • Ditto, Ingrid. I’d like to do a 180. Ha Ha, I’ve done a 180-gone from not remembering how I got to bed to 54 days sober.

  • I agree with AuntieLex! Thanks Belle for helping me and being there when I have needed someone to say ‘keep going’ and ‘you can do it, tell wolfie to shut the fuck up!’ Enjoy the catering ride Belle! πŸ™‚