Audio: Catering to Sobriety

Monday morning. Here’s an audio recorded post-run, pre-shower. Yes, I smell bad. And i’m about to waste 7 minutes of your time. (There is much laughing and groaning contained.)

In this audio, at about the 3-minute mark, i nearly turned off the recording.  In fact, there’s a patch of dead air. And then I call myself narcissistic. I literally started to self-censor right then, thinking “nobody cares about this, this has nothing to do with sobriety.”

ok, anyway. onwards. I’ll post this. Either this is self-indulgent or it is helpful.  [Either you add fennel or orange zest.] Or both. [or both]


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Cardamom… that’s what I would add to the already fabulous raisin bread. Yup, that’s what I would do! Belle… I loved this. You are hilarious. And I can so relate to discovering and honing your passion while getting sober. I am also a cook/chef/caterer and man can I cook now. No anxieties, self doubts, wondering if what I am making is good enough and best part is getting up early and enjoying getting ready for the day! Life keeps getting better and with all the little “tweaks” to our recipe… we too are getting more refined.

  • This is YOUR BLOG! It’s always been about you and that’s what works!! Boy does it work! The audio works too cause it’s you and your wonderful insights on YOUR sobriety. Don’t ever change. Loved it, so humourous and honest. Hope you’ve showered Sweaty Belle!
    Thanks for sharing x

  • Narcissistic, self-indulgent my ASS! I’ve listened three times so far, it’s so hits home. What do I do with the new me? What do I do now that I’m sober? ! You make me think and hope. Things, life, everything seems so much brighter now. I’m searching for new or old things to fill my non-drinking hours, I have lots of ideas, I’m sure I’ll hit on something. I don’t know about a passion though. I’m going to be 62 in a couple weeks, so my last 30 years have been spent raising children, now enjoying my grandchildren. Maybe my passion will be just taking care of ME now. I think it’s about time. What do I do with the new sober me? Thanks for that podcast. I definitely know you’re Canadian now, your ” abouts” gave it away. You made me laugh and think and I thank you for that.

  • Belle you are so right on again. I so loved this as while I was listening I was smelling my banana bread baking in the oven. I’ve made so many loaves since I quit drinking, and a piece of warm banana bread with a cup of hot tea is awesome. Way better than wine and hangovers. I also think you have the most lovely voice, it is a pleasure to hear and YOU make me laugh and giggle and be happy.xoxo

  • First off, you have a lovely speaking voice and you need to think about doing something with that. Second, I’m blown away by the girl who was so worried about remaining anonymous in the beginning and how she is putting herself totally out there now. Third, could you hear how the audio changed when you quit second guessing yourself? Girl, you transformed to professional speaker. Fourth, you hit it spot on, we’ve got to find a passion to replace our drinking and we won’t find it while we’re still drinking. We have to cherish it so much that we’re not willing to risk it to have that first drink.

    • my god, the kindness! thank you for this. really. I think I’m trying to find the blend of ‘putting it all out there’ and ‘being anonymous’. so far it seems to be working ok for me : ) I’m more of a radio girl than a tv girl anyway, so podcasts kinda suit me. really, thanks for this. and I just popped over to your blog and had myself a good cry. honestly. some days…

  • I DO care about catering…because what you’ve described as far as planning and the challenges is similar to the work that I do. I primarily manage the marketing analytical functions for my company – so, databases, being on top of math, running processes. I’m also 44 – got sober for the first time at 41. Part of our problem is thinking that we’re the only ones with the problem. But we’re all really similar in one way or another. What resonated with me about this recording was the importance of being able to get up in the morning and be “on top of your game.” If I had been drinking the night before (and I drank until it was all gone or I passed out), my sleep was interrupted, getting even remotely functional in the morning was difficult without tons of coffee….and then it took me until maybe noon or 1 to start feeling present. And let’s not forget the fun of getting ready in the morning – trying to look healthy and alert to go into work. If you have a passion (and I love the work I do), then you can’t fully participate in that passion unless you are fully present. That was my take-away. Your delivery made me laugh….LOVED IT!

  • I like this. Please write about catering 🙂 The reason people come here is because they can relate and you have a great perspective. If there is something I’m pretty sure we can all relate to *aside* from booze, it’s probably food.

    • of course, it is perhaps the peak of narcissism to worry out loud that I’m being narcissistic… those who agree are unlikely to tell me … someone should post here “nobody cares about catering, belle” just to keep it real.