a sunny sunday

It’s really true, she’s really done it!  Lilly is on day 100 today 🙂  Hooray Hooray for You!

My first week of sober coaching is finished, and a new group starts tomorrow. I feel happy and relaxed and thrilled and teary and lovely. And it’s Sunday and a sunny day, and i’m going to turn off the computer and head outside and go somewhere and eat lunch outside and take pictures.

OK, here is some of what’s in my inbox. You have no idea how lucky i feel this morning, to wake up to messages like this!

From my inbox:

“I was 8 days sober when this audio class started.  The advice is so valuable to me.  The topics, the suggestions and the tools to put in my toolbox will stay with me on my way through sobriety.  I think that’s why I failed in the past, no toolbox and no support.  Belle explains how necessary these things are to continue the journey.  I am truly sorry the class has ended! Maybe a two-week course would be even more beneficial. The phone call was great, like talking to an old friend, one I can bare my soul to. I don’t have anyone else like that in my life right now. If you’re newly sober or still on the fence, this class can give you the tools to continue being sober or to take that leap off the fence.” ~Sharon

“I really like that you are ‘talking’ to us, not reading a script. It’s very ‘real/honest’ in that sense. (I love the part where you ask us to close our eyes but it’s not ‘touchy feely’. Perfect, because touchy feeling is NOT my gig!”) ~Nancy

“Day 1 of your audio guide massively helped. I like that it wasn’t scripted and that you were very relaxed. It helped me feel that there was a “real person” at the end of the recording, just talking anecdotally about what has worked for them.  This is what I love about the blogging community and online help — it’s all so anecdotal, trying things out, learning from others, one day at a time. No strict rules … just strong women and their experiences.” ~FitFatFood

“A lot of what you said made sense to me. I was thinking how much better it is to hear someone say this stuff than it is to read it. To know you have been in a place similar to where I am now, and to hear you say it, impacts me differently for some reason. I know I’m not alone in having this problem, but the part of me that feels alone, my innate self, the part that reached out for help, feels like it is being listened to.” ~Rose

“Just listened to the audio, wondering how I even remotely thought I would NOT cry. (1) I’m a crier.  (2) I’m on day #8 and that is pretty fucking emotional. (3) You are truly a gift.  At least I’m NOT crying the “poor me, I’m not drinking ever again” cry.  You made so many good points, but my standout was understanding why we’re doing 100 days sober, and *hearing* that I’m not broken, but my wolfie noise is loud and once it settles I will *believe* that too.” ~FacingMeNow

“Hearing you is different from writing, I listened to the first audio 3 times. I could sense this is coming from intuition as well as  past experience.” ~Em

“One of my favorite parts was the end — when you asked us to close our eyes.  And you told us we were not broken.  And I believe you.  I don’t even know you, and you live thousands of miles away, but I believe YOU more than I believe the people whom I see in the group I attend.  I feel like you have made an investment in me ever since my first Day One and you have NEVER given up on me, even when I temporarily gave up on myself.” ~MG


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Lilly-You are rocking this sober life. Go Girl.

    Not broken is so true and so important. Society wants us to believe that we are, in fact, broken and perhaps even irreparable. But, that is NOT TRUE and your programs and blogs and faith in us keeps that in the front of our minds.

    Happy Sober Summer to everyone.

  • Bravo Lilly! And great to see and hear about your launch of the coachy/mentor thing 🙂 Lives are changing…for the better, and THAT is fucking awesome! ps – it was a booze free birthday! 🙂 Happy Sunny Sunday! xo

  • Incredible to read all these success stories-fantastic people doing even more amazing things with their sobriety. Stay the course and we’ll be here to support you even if you give up on yourself.

  • Happy Sunday, I had a lovely drink free birthday and woke up clear headed . Good times indeed! Day 7 Victoria

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  • Congrats Lilly and I love that you are saying that the the thought of going backwards is far more unappealing than drinking is tempting!
    Belle- you are the best~ have a lovely SUNNY day 😀

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My email to you today was brief because I was on the iPad and I needed to stay off the computer today, which I’ve managed until now, 10pm here. (Sore arms from a long work week badly needing a rest.) I imagine there will be a long introspective post to come very soon when I’ve had time to digest a bit but for now…

    I really don’t know if I could have or would have made it to 100 days without you and I am so grateful to you for being the inspiration to do it and for still believing I could do it even when I tried and failed… and tried and failed again. But here I am! And I know it’s not the end of the journey by any means but damn it’s been a great jump start and launch pad into a new sober life.

    The genius of 100 days is that it’s not so long as to sound completely impossible to a newly sober person, like 6 months or a year might, but it IS long enough to begin to rewire your brain and change your habits and patterns and thought processes around drinking enough to make a genuine difference to your life. It is long enough to start to really FEEL different.

    And while it hasn’t been easy and still isn’t always easy it does get easier and it definitely gets better. I’ll admit I had some ‘now what’ feelings today but I’ve had enough of a glimpse of this magical new sober life that the thought of going backwards is far more unappealing than drinking is tempting.

    From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BELLE.

    Lilly xoxoxoxxoxoxooxxoo