“a brand new me”

Note from Tammy:

Hi Belle, what’s different today (Day 100) as compared to day 7?  First of all, I don’t really specifically remember day 7, but I do recall the first few weeks sucked.  I was obsessed with not drinking.  I got pissed off like a little kid when I thought about 100 days.  It seemed like forever, and with summer looming quite daunting.  I had little moments of “OK, this is good” I’m not hungover, I’m a little less anxious and I can do this.

Today, 100 days into it, I am overwhelmed. In a way, it feels like a brand new me.  Let’s just call it version 2.0.  Support has come in many ways, and the sober blogosphere has been my rock.  I’m a better me.  There are many, many blessings and if I listed the top three, they would be:

1. My creativity scale has soared and opened new, better doors.

2.  My mind and body are happier.

3.  My relationships feel like they have more authenticity and integrity.

This “better” hasn’t been a magic pill and it’s not simply “not drinking” … it’s doing some work and then some more.  On my [yoga] mat, with my words, with my head and most of all my heart.  Love & hugs.  Tammy

Team 100 Update: 143 members, welcome to Eden (2), Liberte (8), and Adrian (2).  Happy days to Amy 216, Carrie (122), KC (81), SimpsonSister (82), Sunflower (110), Victoria (41), Grace & Sarita (20), Lane (95), Katie & Trish (31), Christina (95), Marie (80), Laura (60), Erin (80), Em (20), Diane (95), Gindy (95), Camla (40), Ingrid (20), Carol (30), Sam, Favorite Day, Mrs F, CB & Beckie (10).


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • awesome tammy! lovely to read your progress. you are helping yourself and others because you give hope! it does get better one day at a day

    you go girl! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this Belle! It’s day 101 and I still feel the same way 🙂 Thank you for the congrats Carrie, Amy, Lilly, Ern & Rebecca. I’m so grateful for this 100 days to sink my teeth into it, not to mention my special bracelet. Belle, your blog and it’s community are instrumental in changing lives and that’s a BIG deal. Hugs!

  • Congrats to Tammy on 100 days! I liked what she said about integrity and authenticity in relationships. I can totally relate. It’s like there was a glass wall there before, like I just couldn’t actually reach out and touch people, but that’s changed now.

    Thanks for sharing Tammy and again, nice work!