“Gin and tonic?” No … tonic.

went out for the same shitty chicken dinner.  i ordered tonic to go with my quarter chicken meal.”i’ll have a tonic please.”

And the waitress is like “gin and tonic?”

me: “no. tonic.”

“You want perrier or soda?”

“no i want tonic … just tonic… in a glass with a piece of lime. and a straw.”

oh those weird tourists, they ask for the strangest things.

Then i stopped at the store and bought regular cheerios (we don’t have them in europe), and a big 24-pack of tonic in cans …

Hey, i’ve got 2 cans in the freezer right now.

yeah. that’s me. chilling my tonic.  Living on the wild side…


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • On the bright side, think how much more it would have been with alcohol added to the bill 😉

  • I was real wild today at the in laws bbq…I walk up to the house with a pitcher of homemade lemonade with floating lemon slices and my sis in law says ‘oooh…what did you make for us?’…thinkin’ it was a yummy boozey thing. I say ‘um lemonade’. She says ‘oh…really just lemonade…well I’ve got good stuff that I’ll make for us with booze in it’. I said ‘um…no thanks’. She gives me a weird look. I say ‘I quit drinking 11 months ago’. She says ‘oh I didn’t know that’. Of course she didn’t know…I didn’t tell her. I said with humor and a smile ‘did you know that shit is addictive?’ She didn’t know what to do…laugh or be concerned. She let it go. I drank my wild club soda with a splash of lemonade and lemon slices. She drank something called X Rated…it was pink, in a pretty frosted bottle. Her husband had way too many beers and had a mean edge to him and was way more hyper and inappropriate than all of us not drinking. I wanted to go home SO bad…cause I was flat out not having a good time…but not because I wasn’t drinking….cause they were drinking! Freakin’ holidays!

  • LOL – how about this one? A girl goes into a “crafty cocktail bar”… you know, the ones that make their own bitters, smash things in glasses, etc. Girl says “do you have some special non-alcoholic selections?” Server says….”uh… no” Girl says, “do you have ginger beer” Server says “yes, but that has alcohol in it.” Girl says…. “uh…. no, I don’t think so.” Server checks, bring ginger beer, and girl sips happily. Sheesh, I wonder what would happen if I ordered a non-alcoholic manhattan – Ha!

  • Oh yeah. That’s wild. But not as wild as Trop A Rocka Diet Snapple. Yep, that’s me goin’ a little crazy here. 🙂