love and sundays, me

To quote Colleen, i’ve been in “grind mode” and forgot to stop and have some scheduled rest time.  Thankfully it didn’t take long to reset… Went to bed Friday night, slept 10.5 hours! Yesterday already felt much much better. Went out for lunch, walked and walked with Mr. Belle, watched a movie, had some mint/chai tea. I’ve been reading a lot, computer turned off mostly, sitting outside in the sun. Today, went for a run. Sunny again. Sunny in my head. I snuggle with my husband and i say, for the billionth time, “I like vacation more than real life.”

Happy 100 days to Sun Flower today 🙂 Everyone say hooray for her, cuz she’s dealing with family and parent shit and she’s sober. Hurrah!

Quill (day 33) and I have been writing back and forth at a (sometimes) furious past with fascinating twists and turn… Here’s something I sent to her this week, seems appropriate for a Sunday post:

here’s a novel idea about your dreams and goals:
it’s all possible.
Maybe in smaller steps than perhaps you’ve been imagining.
but it doesn’t matter HOW LONG it takes to get to ‘fabulous’
it just matters that you’re upright
you’re on the highway headed towards ‘fabulous’
and you are moving forward.
go slowly
but GO
do little bits and pieces of small assignments and homework
and just (tentatively) begin
no, really 🙂
(i feel like i’ve been typing “no, really” for days and days
in all of my emails
to everyone
about everything).

love and sundays,

Team 100 update:  123 members, welcome to Melinda (7). Happy days to SoberinMtl (7), KC (71), Whineless (75), Victoria (31), Grace (10), Lurker M (21), Katie (21), Kriss (71), Shel (91), Marie (70), Kirst (15), Laura (50), Erin (70), Tammy (91), Em & Sarita (10), Suzanne (35), Catkin & Overndout (21), Gindy (85), Camla (30), Ingrid & Pip (10), Carol (20), Sterling (7), and Trish (21).


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Big hurrah to you Sunflower!!!!! Bit by bit, day by day… moving forward on the path to fabulous. Or more fabulous than you already are.