Sober Photography Project: Assignment #4

Maybe you’d like a sober hobby 🙂

Mary: “I’m enjoying this photography project on both ends: coming up with my own submission but also seeing the ideas that everyone else come up with … It has both given me something to focus on and also makes me pay more attention to things around me.”

Losedabooze: “I think having something to focus on – a project or assignment like this – makes us forget other things (at least it did for me). It allowed me to involved my daughter in it by allowing her to do something fun. It brings me back to days of sobriety when simple things were viewed with clear eyes.”

Assignment #4 Sandals
They can be on your feet, they can be in the closet, they can be on the beach, or maybe in a store window.  Close up, or far away… It’s time for sober girls to admire some shoes!

  • DEADLINE: Friday, June 28 @ 12 noon Eastern.
  • The format is open: black and white, filters, cropping, all OK.  You can use your camera phone or a nice camera.
  • The photo must be original, and taken AFTER the assignment is received (like, no going through past pictures taken, it has to be new).
  • If you suck at photo adjustments or cropping, send it anyway with a note that you’d like me to adjust.
  • Send as LARGE a file size as you can manage (up to 12MB per image).  Don’t reduce for size.  the bigger the better.
  • Um, you have to be sober …
  • One entry per person per assignment (think of the size of my inbox!)

NOTE:  This project has a short deadline again. Read more about FUN here.   And for inspiration, take a look at Christina’s sandals photo:

christina sandals Image


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I have great idea for this.. I ironically just ordered 3 new pairs of sandals for 3 of the cutest feet!

  • Hmm…I want to play! 🙂 (Wow, I had to look at that pic a few times before I realized that it wasn’t like, a cool piece of architecture! Funny, but that looks like it could come from a store in SF, specifically, on Upper Haight Street…!)

  • That sandal, Christina, is nothing less than remarkable. I chuckle at the sandal I thought was interesting before I saw yours. I think I’ll have to rethink my entry… ;o)

  • Wow Christina! Not sure we can take a better picture or find a cooler, shinier sandal…that’s awesome!!! 🙂