going to bed is always a good solution. to any problem.

super tired. catering and baking and stuff. haven’t been outside yet today!

here is the sum total of all my genius:

going to bed is always a good solution. to any problem.

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I couldn’t agree more. I used to think I wouldn’t be able to drift off into a natural slumber. Yesterday was day 5 for me and I was awake until 10ish watching TV with my daughter, I started feeling drowsy and just went to bed and slept. It’s 8:07 am the next day and I like that I actually remember it all.

  • Medium-time lurker, first-time poster: this is one of my biggest fears about either severely curtailing my drinking or ending it altogether–will I ever really sleep, like, ever again? I know my wine-infected sleep is low-grade, but I have this big fear (really big) that my body just doesn’t know how to sleep and wake on its own anymore. I’m scared, because I’m SO tired and I know that rest is what I need, but I don’t have faith that it will be there on its own, when I’m not pummeling myself into unconsciousness.

    • hi there dmd, that night after i wrote the post, i slept 11 hrs! it’s true that when we first get sober, it takes awhile for the sleep to even out, maybe 7-9 days of weirdness. and then — oh really — deep, solid sleep is probably the BEST part of being sober by far. Sleeping through the night is gift that cannot be adequately described. we can make plans for tomorrow b/c we know we’re going to sleep tonight. it’s truly the best. while still drinking it’s impossible to imagine that it’s better ‘over here’. but it is. a lot. in ways that can’t always be adequately articulated. but the sleep benefit can be clearly said. yes. sleep. lots and lots of it. and truthfully, i think sleep is where i hide now. and i’m ok with that. sleep is restorative, productive, and safe. there are no side effects from sleeping. there is nothing about drinking that i miss enough to make me want to try again. and the things that I’ve gained being sober are much much more than wine ever gave me. Even on its best day, wine was a shitty companion. never living up to its end of the bargain. always better in my imagination than in reality.

  • Sooo true. I am going through SSRI withdrawl right now and I’ve realized that when I am losing my mind with irratability, I need to lie down, shut up, and stay away from human beings in general.

    • good luck with your withdrawl….hope that you come out on the good side as soon as possible.

  • Agreed. I used to think that taking a nap was wasteful and that I was sleeping away the day. Now, I realize that it’s self care – either I need to sleep because I’m tired, or because I need to turn off my brain. It doesn’t matter which one it is, it’s better than picking up a bottle, which I used to do for both of those reasons.


    • Yes, me too! i think that as drinkers, we were always looking for an ‘off’ switch – and my new off switch is definitely sleep. it’s such a great place to hide from the world when it gets to be too much. AND it’s win-win cuz you feel so great after a nap! thanks for being here jami : )