Photos: Bubbles

i have an idea to write something long and boring tomorrow about what i think I have learned about myself in doing this photography project, but i’m wondering what you think… no really i want to know. For everyone who has participated in this bubbles photo project (or if you sent in an image for the first one), I’m wondering what you think you’re ‘learning’ in doing this … post a comment.

Here are a few ideas: 

Katherine: “Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk! I haven’t done this since I was a kid. I made a mess and had fun doing it.  Oh and it was delicious!  … Thank you (and christina) again for creating this photography project. This is the best “recovery” homework! I would never be over here blowing bubbles in my chocolate milk and giggling.”

Christina: “This so much fun! Thanks to this project you get to see things you did not pay attention before, you are more attentive ! I enjoy it so much. Belle had a great idea to build this project and the more the better!”


Assignment #2 Bubbles.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures, this post is now closed to new submissions.

If you want to join in for the next assignment, stay tuned 🙂

This post is now closed to new submissions.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Can’t help feeling like giggling… Love bubbles always have.. Love the homework.. Love all the pics.. Bias but love my Blondie bubble gal…

    • Thanks Paul 🙂 That is Bubba…who has more than quadrupled in size from when we bought him last year on vacation – which is where we are now. My daughter wanted a brother or sister for Bubba…um…NO! I believe that Bubba has some anger management issues as you can see from his scowling face. What I loved about this challenge was that I have never given a care in the world to trying to take a photo – but this was truly FUN. Of course my first thought was the “compare” game and I was so impressed by everyone else’s photos. But then I re-focused on how FUN it was and everything was okay. And of course thank you to Belle for her help with editing!!!

  • Awesome!!! I loved seeing all the creative pictures! I laughed out loud and loved SugarRush3’s bubble child! How fun! I am going to start a new hobby…doing ‘scrap booking’ with my sis-in-law this summer and am going to make a Sober Scrapbook for myself with my photo’s! A visual journal of sorts! 🙂 Can’t wait for the next assignment!

  • I think having something to focus on – a project or assignment like this makes us forget other things (at least it did for me). It allowed me to involved my daughter in it by allowing her to do something fun. It brings me back to days of sobriety when simple things were viewed with clear eyes. I agree with Christina about the photos – it’s great to see the variety of photos within the same theme.

    • Great pictures … I’m enjoying this on both ends … coming up with my own submission but also seeing the ideas that everyone else come up with. I agree with the previous comments – it’s both given me something to focus on and also makes me pay more attention to things around me. After I had submitted my photo, i noticed when water was running in my bathroom sink that there were bubbles. Then I thought “oh that would have been a better picture but it’s too late”. Good idea Belle on making this a short term assignment otherwise our perfectionism would get to us. I could probably look for the perfect bubble picture for the next year. I may anyway.