I have lots to do but i won’t do most of it

4-day stay-cation begins.  Here are my goals:

  • Sleep, naps, early to bed.
  • Read, head off to the library and take out more books.
  • Cook, make cookies, actually cook a meal for dinner that includes a green vegetable.
  • Make red velvet chocolate mini cupcakes, put in the freezer, so i can pull them out one at a time for snacks (and eat 6 in one sitting if necessary).
  • Clean off desk (or not)
  • Run 3 out of 4 days
  • Go outside every single day for some reason (well, if running, will have to go out – but in addition to running)
  • Buy a reward treat (fuzzy socks?)
  • Go to the farmer’s market and come home with some unusual treat food
  • Go somewhere new… just take the train a few stops in some random direction and end up somewhere new. just because.
  • Daytime baths
  • Take my camera outside and actually use it (!)
  • Make bread … or maybe cinnamon rolls! yum…

The biggest difference on a stay-cation, for me, is that instead of working in front of my computer, being ever-on — instead i’ll be sitting on the chair in our bedroom, facing the window, with a cup of tea on one side, and a book in my hand.  or i’ll be sitting on the couch in the living/dining room, watching my husband work at the dining room table, noticing how many times per hour he looks up to see how I’m doing.

and really, i’m doing fine. i’m in my usual glass-is-half-full state:  it’s cold but sunny. i’m tired but happy. I have lots to do but i won’t do most of it.

Team 100: Holding strong at 84 members.  Happy day 14 to JG, Moonbeam (10), LilyUK (14), Lynda (60), Brandy (10), DDG (60), and Heidi (28).

I will probably check email 2 or 3 times a day (instead of once an hour). I’m not really ‘gone’… i’m just ‘over there’ …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I hope you had a fabulous staycation!!!! I agree, you shouldnt look at email… But probably too late for that….now its the weekend again, so yea! Xxoo

  • Do cupcakes freeze well? With the frosting on? That could be useful in my “little and often” kinda girl phase! Have fun, try to leave it all behind for a bit, we will all be here when you get back cause we are not drinking for 100 days even if Belle takes a few days off! C x

    • cupcakes freeze well without icing … and the frosting itself freezes well, depending on the kind (swiss buttercream — with cooked meringue and lots of butter freezes great). now. do doughnuts freeze? we’ll see …

  • No, no, you should not check email AT ALL. You should just enjoy your staycation technology free 🙂 Unless you really *want* to be online.

    Have fun! Relax! Unwind! Refresh! Revive! Come back with stories. And pictures of treats and mini cupcakes.

    I had a few pangs today, Friday night – always hard for me, walking past the bar and bottleo. Then I thought, “Just 100 days. I’m just not drinking for 100 days. I can revisit thereafter.”

    Tonight I will make a healthful dinner and eat cherries and watch Mad Men and paint my nails and have a bubble bath and maybe put on a face mask even. And I will wake up clear-headed and happy.


    • Really Really! thanks for this lilly, I’m fine thanks! I am in love with exclamation marks right now though! Have Fun! Relax! (or else!) she says… I will do all of those things and then some. love, me