It’s not how often you drink or how much…

More quotes from the spectacular Roger Ebert’s 2009 post about alcoholism (and AA):

Ebert: It’s not how often you drink or how much. It’s what happens. If you drink until drunk, as the doc says in the old joke, “Don’t do that no more.”

Bill: I have to say (IMHO) that individuals who attack the program for use of the “G Word” probably have some other agenda or obstacles, and are using god (sic) as an excuse. … Because nothing is ever so bad, that alcohol, drugs, or gambling can’t make it worse.

Ebert: Gaming as an addiction. Why not? When I sit in front of a slot machine, some demonic obsession forces me to continue long past the length of time I had intended, staring at spinning fruit and pushing the button. It’s not even a matter of winning. I choose cheaper machines, so even if I won, I wouldn’t win big (unless I won the Cadillac hanging from the ceiling). There is no sensual value or entertainment factor involved in sitting before the machine. I am simply disinclined to stop.

Josh: Computer games of this type have many similar characteristics to alcohol and drugs – they initially provide instant rewards, there are rituals and camaraderie that enforce each others’ playing, and even a sort of ‘tolerance’ in that milestones the game take longer and longer to achieve the longer one plays. These games are worse than drugs and alcohol, in fact, because you can buy them from any Target or Wal-Mart and they are promoted as being safe for children. You won’t get the DTs from quitting WoW abruptly, but you will think that you will lose all of your friends, which might actually be a worse negative reinforcer.

John: It would seem to me that the goal of A.A. is not to maintain its traditions, but to help people stop drinking.

Team 100 update for May 8th: 71 members. Welcome: Colleen (6), and Anna (3). Celebrations: Lawyer Anne (30 days), Sober Kat (7 months today!), Jenni was 100 days yesterday, Grace (14), Erica (99!), Mr. Belle (21), Roxanne (15), Laura (15) & Debra (101)


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012