we feed it cake and say “shut the fuck up”

That desire to drink, it’s so boring. it comes and goes without warning, sometimes even without reason. The desire to drink is like a 3-year old having a temper tantrum. You’re going along fine, then the temper tantrum starts.  You look at your 3-year old and you think, “What? Now? In the bakery? You want wine now?” But if we can treat our desire to drink just like a whining 3-year old, we’d say: “yes, I hear you, but the answer is no.” Then the whining gets quieter.  That, and we feed it cake and say “shut the fuck up” 🙂

[I just sent that message to Jenny, in response to a comment about how the desire to drink is ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.]

and let me just say three cheers for Heidi, she is on day 19 today. Amy is 114. K is on day 16 🙂  There are now 23 of us on Team 100. And we’re all sober today.  So far as I know 🙂


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • So true! Thanks for writing this, although I did read it a few days late. What a horrible weekend for me, but I did say Shut the Fuck Up several times…and it worked!!


  • best title ever! and thanks for the shout-out! so grateful to be spending my easter WITHOUT a hangover! yay team 100!

  • This is great. It works for me because- besides the fact ive lived through two three year old tantrum ages- i need that harsh, vulgar language sometimes! Its the opposite- but same language- as the “fuck it” voice that erases all logic of why i shouldnt drink… And makes me pick up a drink. “Fuck it, Ill start tomorrow!” Or ” fuck it! It was a really, really hard day.”
    Well placed profanity is important.

  • It was a fantastic comment, Belle! And, I laughed out loud!!

    I made a carrot cake tonight and had Sprite w/ a splash of Raspberry Izzy and lime – it was a nice evening!

    Shut the fuck up “I want wine”….the answer is no.

    Happy no hangover Easter everyone!!


  • Funny, I am right now making cake and lemonaide to take to my party tomorrow. Yes, you can have cake. Yes, you can have lemonaide. No, Wolfie, you will not drink so just shut the fuck up.

    I really thank you as this would/could have been a really had weekend to get through sober and in the past I would have drunk. But between team 100, the accountability and the sobersphere support I can do this. And if I can do this I can do a wedding too. And onward…

  • I like this too ! Amazing how a craving will come to me so randomly and try to knock me down. Then I say to myself… ‘drink some yummy coffee’. I sit down with the gourmet coffee and feel soothed. Then the whining in my head stops and I win! I do love the ‘shut the fuck up’! LOL