6 months today

Quit date: July 1st.

6 months later: January 1st.

Was in bed last night at 10:30 pm to ensure that no champagne would be consumed. husband joined me; he’s not drinking either except when he’s out, and then only a beer or two.

i think that 6 months is a freaking long time.  in my case it has been 185.5 days of saying no, making better choices, distracting myself, and going to bed. This started as a 30 day idea, and here I am 6 months later. Impossible to believe, really.  I think that going to bed early saves me more often than i’d care to admit …

But as Amy wrote to me today in her daily email update:

“I am convinced that getting enough sleep can help you slay dragons (and wolves).”

I’m a bit sluggish today, as husband and i are having a rare disagreement that has been going on for a couple of days.  i will sleep well tonight, and will run tomorrow.

and everything will be fine.

and i’ll be sober.

i will have no regrets.

i’ll kick some ass tomorrow.

just not today.

today i’m watching Being John Malkovich (for the 6th or 8th time)…


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Congratulations on six months! Wow, that seems like quite an accomplishment. I hope you gave yourself a big hug. I’m on day 10… yay for me. I just love your sleep idea. The first few days I slept a lot and it seemed to help so much. After reading your post I think I’ll try reinstating that and going to bed early every night for a while. It sounds heavenly.

  • Congrats Belle! It only seems like yesterday I was starting out and you were so much wiser, with all of twenty odd days under your belt. Well I’m still here, and still following you. Thanks for being there and take care, Paul.

  • Hey Belle.. congrats on the 6 months. What Kary says above it just right…just think what there still is to do! Keep on keeping on and more and more will open up. I still have those nights when I go to bed feeling sorry for myself. Like a boring sober loser. Sorry but that’s true. But those evenings aren’t that often. I’m a bit like you (love the honesty in the last post) that it’s in the quiet that I find it harder not to drink. In the noisy social times I’m sweet as. But in the still of my own mind I find it much harder. I’m still learning how to be with me, and figuring myself out. It’s a wonderful wonderful thing to be doing though and good on us for being brave and doing it. Living raw, even though it’s hard sometimes. Here’s to a revealing 2013 – sober! Yes! Lotsalove xxxx

    • i agree, there are challenges yet to be faced. at least i know that i won’t drink to find my way through the challenges. i may go to bed too early to avoid, but that’s hardly a vice! at least, not for now … the next 6 months will be interesting i’m sure. glad you’re on the journey here with all of us! Love xo

  • Congrats on your six months! I love sleep and movies and good books to get through rough patches.

    So very happy for you.

  • Happy New Year. I raise my apple cider with “belowhermeans” above and toast to six more… over and over forever.

    I am so proud of you for beating this dragon this past half year; it’s a huge and wonderful accomplishment. In my early days I slept a lot; for a couple reasons: to allow my body time to repair the damage I had inflicted on it for the last eight years while drinking and drugging; and to avoid the hours of the day or night during which it was hardest to say no. Sleep as an escape is time-honored and truly permissible. For some, me included, it’s the only way we can get thru.

    Now as a chronic pain patient, I use sleep similarly: to heal and to avoid the worst of the discomfort when the weather turns or the meds just aren’t getting it all. Lack of sleep creates problems too, so feel confident about your time in bed; it’s good for you.

  • Happy Half-Year! Happy New Year! Look what you’ve done in the last 6 month, in your wildest dreams, could you have imagined it. Just think what you can do with a whole year!

    • never imaged this, that’s for sure! 6 months? really that’s a LONG time. a freaking huge long time. not sure what the next 6 months will bring. hopefully lots of strength and calmness (if they even go together!) thanks for being here Mary : )

  • Going to bed early saves me every time. My lights out bedroom dark bedtime is a firm (FIRM!) 9 o’clock. Then I get a good knight’s sleep (heh, get it? dragon slayer…knight) and can have my AM Happy Hour for two hours since I wake up (on my own for fuck’s sake. how odd is that) at 4:30-ish every morning. And I sure as hell am not going to be swilling wine at 5AM.

    I’ll tell ass to watch out tomorrow. 🙂

    • did you warn ass? i kicked it this morning … up after exactly 9.5 hrs sleep (my minimum), run 22 minutes in the beautiful and cold sunshine. getting read to take a day trip with husband. thankfully i like him again today… i appreciate your daily emails, and your ability to make a decision and just plug-on-through …

  • Congratualtions on Six Months, it feels great and gets better, Thursday will be 40 weeks since I quite on 29th March, so it feels even better to make it through the New Year.
    Let’s hope we are saying the same next New Years day, have a fantastic year.