let the gloating continue

i feel like i should write something but i got nothing to say. not in a bad way, but in a good way. i got nothing to say because all is well, continues to be well. no cravings, no real triggers, no hard moments, no big lows. Just lots of glorious happy sober sleeping-through-the-nights.  went away for 24 hours to have a tiny break (sans husband) and it was divine, and i got to sleep long, read long, run long, drink coffee, buy spices, have a big long bath and generally gloat and wallow in how fucking great my life is.

Yes, ok, the days when i have catering i’m pressed flat, squished by the success of it all. i do not sleep enough on those days and i am unable to run.  But it’s limited to two days a week (i only do orders two days a week cuz the rest of the time i’m working at my REAL jobs, ha ha). But i’m coming to terms with this new life. I make sure to have food on hand, to get enough sleep before and after, and to take real breaks and time-off on the weekends so that the ‘working hard’ continues to seem worthwhile.

while i appreciate that this gloating thing of mine is super tiring, let me say this. I know for a fact that my improved life is due to quitting drinking.  There is a one-to-one correlation between WHEN i stopped drinking and this new improved me. I wouldn’t go back now for anything, i don’t care if i’m on the outside when others are over-indulging (i don’t seem to be, it actually seems fine, i still am too loud and too funny boozeless).

right now, at this moment, there’s an apple cake in the oven, i’ve just returned from a mini-vacation feeling super well rested (hard to believe it just takes 24 hrs alone to recharge), and tomorrow is a holiday for my ‘real’ jobs.

all is well. let the gloating continue. long live the gloating.

… and if you’re lurking and wondering if you should quit drinking, let me say YES YES YES YES YES YES (have you quit yet?) YES YES YES and YES : )


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I always think of gloating as a smug self-righteousness, a “better-than” attitude so to say. And I don’t get any of that feeling from you. Rather, you just seem happy. And I’m happy for you. And screw anyone who’s not happy that you’re doing so well. Rock on and keep celebrating!

  • YES! It’s OK to feel great when you’re feeling great. And, if it’s cuz you thought quitting drinking was easier for you than for others, well, it wasn’t. You worked and the work paid off. And, the good news is that it can for all of us, even MOI. Even I am seeing diminished mental craving, being replaced by like, life and work and everything else. It’s amazing; I never thought in a hundred lifetimes that I would be saying that I don’t really want to drink, but it’s true. No drama, just a simple, No, thanks, I’ve got so much more to do. You don’t see it until you get to the other side and look back, I guess. So, YES, very very happy for you. Rock on! xx

  • Isn’t the difference just astonishing ?~! I remember well those first months when all the world seemed new and shiny. Perhaps it was seeing it in the daylight when for so long I had been a creature of the night. That’s when the drinkers party. To become one of the day folks was a new experience. I had to change my job too so that I could keep regular hours for the first few years.

    I am so glad to see you just trundling along day to day and keeping an even keel. Thanks for taking me along on this journey of yours. When I got sober there was no Internet (hell, there were barely pencils-lol) and without my roommate and dear friend, who himself had gotten sober a year earlier, I may not have made it out of the miasma of alcohol and black out drinking. No AA so Marc and I did it with each other and we are both still sober three decades later.

    So can you-you are well on your way to a great life. Hell, you’ve got that great life and are living it every day and espousing it to others. Belle, in EMT school, we were taught that you watch it once, you do it once, and then you teach it. Well, you, my dear, have learned it and are teaching it too. Thank you.

  • Hello Belle! wonderful post and so encouraging for me as I start my Day 1! Again:( but even though i had said last monday was my sober date i knew in my head it would be today:( Had a a busy weekend with friends tailgating for a big game and so it goes that once again I have proved to myself that I don’t have an off switch like Normal” drinkers do. I have decided to start my own blog so visit me along the way to being able to gloat with you in your sobriety. Oh do i wish I was there with you….being further and further away from last night!