“i ate the chicken”

some of the best (and worst) search engine terms that have brought people to my blog over the last 6o days.

  • tired of thinking about drinking
  • jason vale alcohol
  • gigantic anus
  • how to celebrate 90 days sober
  • ode to red wine
  • where to set up a hot dog stand
  • does your metabolism change if you stop drinking red wine
  • 8th day sober
  • big anuses
  • oh god i wish my husband had a dick this big
  • pink cloud sober
  • hilarious misunderstanding
  • irritated by drinking habits of husbands
  • if shit were a mouthful
  • i ate the chicken
  • swarming thoughts of you
  • why can’t i sleep well after drinking red wine
  • drink every night, brain feels fragmented
  • 4 glasses of wine before bed
  • bored in hotel room drinking beer
  • first day sober from alcohol
  • feeling sad and irritated first 30 days of sobriety
  • how to make wife stop complaining about drinking
  • sober vacation france
  • i want my teacher to notice i throw up
  • jobs which require drinking with clients
  • sample topics for sober thinking
  • 10 things i’m grateful for
  • i’m grateful for my husband

i’m sure the person who entered “i ate the chicken” was super disappointed to be directed to my blog as a result …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Thank u so much for responding:) my husband is well known in our community so I do feel very alone in this BUT have found a great connection with the bloggers who truly are like me. I am starting a new workout routine where it is a 10 week challenge and have decided that is my date of sobriety as well. I start a week from Monday. I have tried may times but have truly gone from a night bottle to only 2 times a week. However I don’t want that either:( in my sober mind I know I can do this and want to have accountability and that is why I reached out 🙂 thank u for paving the path for change! I will keep u updated. Thank u again for taking the time to give others encouragement:)! know that u r making a difference in my life and I am sure many others!

    • A Beautiful Mess, you are not alone. there are hundreds of us who are going through exactly what you are going through. Reach out through the network of sober bloggers. there are plenty of people willing to listen and to cheer you on. You can write whatever you want…. we’ve all been there or are struggling our way through to the other side.

      Good luck with the 10 week challenge. You’ll be fitter and stronger.

  • I feel so messed up! I want to quit every single day and yet I continue to drink!! I feel so lonely! tonight i have f=drank a t least a bottle of wine while my husband has taken a client out to entertain him and i am once again lonely and afraid:( I am alone most of the time time with my kids a and feel like a compete failure:(( my husband travels all the time. i am sad a lonely and don’t know what to do. I try every week or every day to be sober I HATE THIS!!!How do u turn around? i want better for me and my kids!!!!!! I HATE ME!!!!!!!!:((( obvisouly I am drunk again AND hate me:((

    • dear beautiful mess – thanks for dropping in here, and for sharing where you are … we’ve all been where you are. when i was drinking i felt like i was in a pit and I couldn’t see my way out. the only way out that i have found is commit to stopping – just for a short period of time at first – then you can re-evaluate. you can do anything for 7 days, right? and then you’ll begin to get some clarity and you’ll read more, and you’ll reach out more for help, and you’ll see that there’s a way through. first step i think is to pick a day, your ‘last drink’ day. maybe it’s today or tomorrow or monday. then get some sparkling water, and plan to stay home and drink tea, and sit in the tub, and go to bed early…

      Hugs to you, we have all literally been where you are. the booze makes you feel lonely. it’s the booze that makes you feel like a failure. you’re not – not at all – and once you stop for a few days your head will slowly begin to clear.

      Please let me know how you’re doing and when you pick your ‘last drink’ day, so that we can cheer you on!

      Hugs, Belle

    • here’s the post where i talk about just selling people what they want and i mention the hot dog stand analogy that is often used as an example in business texts: //tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com/2012/09/26/people-just-want-oreos/ : )

  • “i want my teacher to notice i throw up” is as hilarious as it is sad. What the hell is going on out there on the interweb?
    Just checked my search terms and most of them are queries about hoarding : (