new-sober-emotions are not to be feared

i am less wobbly today.  i had a very magical night’s sleep last night (8.5 hrs, didn’t wake once, woke at 8 am feeling like a million dollars).  also, sunday long run = good times.

today i think i’m going to go ahead with the plans to work for the new company.  I’ve been wanting to make this third hobby-job a bigger part of my life and this new contract has been dropped in my lap by a referral.  i think all of the flashing indicators are saying “go this way” and thus i am going to follow along and see where it goes.

I am also ramping up my regular job work stuff now that it’s september; i send out emails and clients respond.  I will be teaching again, and will be happy to be on the phone with people (in English!) starting in just a few weeks.

what did i learn yesterday?

I learned from Mrs D that my heightened nervousness might be new-sober-emotions and not to be feared.  I learned from Paul that i’m focusing too much on the consequences of failure and not enough on the likelihood of failure (which is admittedly small). I learned (again) that i’m a girl who likes a clean house.  I learned (thanks so much) that 8.5 hrs is enough sleep if i sleep through the night without waking! yeah! hooray! I learned that I love waking at 8 am … I learned that a big drumming group performing outdoors gives me the shivers (encountered one today on my long run). I learned that even on Sundays, the husband can say “i think i’m going to work a full day today” and instead of moaning that it’s sunny and he should do something with me, i have learned over time that if he feels like working – he should work. Motivation ebbs and flows for everyone.  If he wants to work on a hot sunny sunday, who am i to argue!  it’s not what i would do, but he’s not a sun whore like i am.

that said, me, this girl, i am going out to sit in the sun and read my book and plot to change the world.  happy sunday : )


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Hi Belle, read your post yesterday and thought I needed to give some thought before responding. Come back today and its crisis averted and there’s this happy post! Which makes me happy too. xx

      • I AM pretty cautious – dont you know me well? But probably would have given you the “whatever feels right for you” line. Puts it ALL back in your camp! 🙂

      • cautious? see, I knew we were twins. “whatever feels right for you” … yeah, I’m never quite polite enough to say that, I often just wade in with my own opinions … I have lots to learn from you : )