10 things i’m grateful for

thanks to jen for the prompt to write this post. Ten things i am grateful for:

chocolate swiss roll
  1. my health: there is nothing the matter with me. i sleep through the night, my heart beats, my lungs function, i run, i eat, i have nice hair.
  2. my husband: my first experience with unconditional love. he really really loves me. a lot.  he’s doing the dishes right now. oh, he just came and filled up my cup of tea while i’m typing … he’s adorable.
  3. the online blogging world: never knew this existed, can’t believe i achieved anything in my life before, without this kind of support.
  4. i’m super grateful that we live in europe, in a beautiful city filled with amazing things to look at, things to do, and provides us with new adventures every day
  5. high school:  i hated the popularity contest stuff, but i’m damn grateful for the second language i studied, which now enables me to live in europe … and i learned to type 65 wpm in high school and that means i’ll never be out of work
  6. junior high school: i hated the pimples, the ‘family living’ classes, and the conversations about birth control.  but i LOVED my cooking class and the independence and freedom that i learned from making apple crisp changed my life, and influenced my career
  7. vacations: my work life is super busy and creative, and so i love having scheduled vacations. they really rock, and they give me something to look forward to. and we’re fortunate enough to be able to take one long weekend a month and go somewhere different, even if it’s just for one night (living in the ‘middle’ of europe means just about everywhere is 2 hrs away). we’ve been to portugal, spain, italy, france, germany, england, belgium, and holland. next vacation is a beach in the north of france where they’re holding an american film festival (movies! in english!) … the countdown has begun, we leave august 31st. i’m looking forward to a sober beach vacation with lots of sleeping, reading, sand, and miniature golf where my husband kicks my ass.
  8. my friends: both those ‘back home’ who’ve known me forever, and the really great group of international friends i have here in my new city. here I have friends from all over the world; the ex-pat community is pretty amazing. i learn lots. like how the woman from tunisia can’t serve herself wine but can drink if someone else pours for her, and how one polish woman will overeat rather than say that she’s been served too much … And the woman from china who always shows up with a gift at all events, even if they’re paid events, because she really really has to give the host a gift… all the subtleties of international cultures and traditions i find endlessly fascinating. i learn so much from everyone i meet.
  9. chocolate swiss roll: it’s chocolate sponge cake, rolled up with whipped cream and shaved chocolate inside. if you think it can’t fix a bad day, you’d be mistaken. there’s a bakery near me that has these.
  10. sobriety, how great it is, even when it’s not: i’m 55 days today. i’m grateful that (for now) i’ve stopped struggling and i’m just looking forward instead of looking back.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I don’t know if you meant it to be funny or not but I laughed at #3 because I agree and it’s so wonderful.

  • well done. I think its the key to real happiness – to remember all the things for which we are grateful. I live in a country where you can barely go out of your house without encountering really poor people. People search through the rubbish bags I put out looking for scraps of food. I so often look at them and think how dare i complain? How dare I not be happy when I have so much?

    • cleo, i also used to live in a city that was very ‘rough around the edges’ and it’s a very humbling experience. now i (very very thankfully) live in a city that is clean and safe and i can step outside every day and think “i can’t believe i get to live here. it’s like i’ve won the lottery.” i’m now in the process of trying to remember the lottery-winning-feeling every single day …

  • Great list! Gratitude list are always a great thing to write and to post. I always enjoy reading someone’s list, 1 it keeps me in check and 2 I get to know someone better. When I was young in sobriety the sober blogs and writing my own were a big help, today I read them to hear from voices outside of my small rural recovery world.

  • Thank you for your brutal honesty the last few days. It couldn’t have been easy to share such deep stuggle. It is so inspiring to those of us just starting this new lifestyle. I am grateful to have found your blog. csmissy

    • missy, i am so glad to see a link to a blog for you now! i’ve just gone and visited, how exciting! you’re starting! you’re here : ) and you’re doing it (not just talking about it!). you rock.

      and if i can type this without crying, i’ll tell you that IF my sharing struggles over the last few days with young-girl-dying has helped you get/stay sober, then i’m GLAD i posted. If i have an audience of one, and it is you, then it’s worth it.