You can wait and see … or you can fuck it up. Your choice.

Day 50 … thank you very much.

Long run Sunday, and on the run I realized something yucky and profound.

when i first met my husband, i’d only ever dated guys who didn’t (really) want long-term relationships. I’d had 3 boyfriends over 20 years, including two long periods of being single.

First, Mr. Laywer, met in high school, dated through university and law school. On and off for 8 years including several years where we lived on opposite sides of the country. Mr. Lawyer was sensitive, very very smart, could not commit to a relationship.  Together, apart, together, apart for years… He wouldn’t move to where I was (even though going there had originally been his idea).

Second, Mr. Scientist. Smart. we once went on vacation in two cars, in case he had to come home to deal with his job … We dated full-time seriously for 6 months, and then slept together for another 2+ years. i waited and waited and waited to be “the one” for him.

Third, Mr. TrainWreck. charming, compulsive liar, super manipulative. Angry, strange relationship with money (he didn’t have any plastic), strange relationship with alcohol (he had an AA tattoo but said it wasn’t his — i kid you not). i fell very hard for him. super hard. he could smell that kind of desperation a mile away and used it. lies and weirdness from the beginning that i refused to see.  never met any of his friends in 6 months. Super angry, temper, walking on eggshells.  One day he just stopped calling. i knew things were in a desperate state, so i only called timidly a few times the first week, then when he didn’t call back i stopped calling. never went to his house. figured if he was gone, it was best to let him go.

got some good therapy. left that city and moved back closer to my family (but not THAT close).

Met my husband, Mr. Belle. Here’s our story:  he asked me out, i went, we had 3 dates, he spent the night, he never went home. That’s it. I never had to say “when will I see you again?” He’s easy going, happy all the time. he’s self-contained, not needy, no demands. He does dishes (and cleans the bathroom). He’ll go out for milk at 10 pm if I decide I want to make pudding. We read the same books, we walk a lot. we enjoy each other’s company. he eats my recipe trials.

There is no drama in my marriage. We don’t fight and make up. We don’t get angry and sleep in separate rooms. Some days I think he’s a turd, but i usually don’t say anything, and then it passes.

This is a long story, here’s the realization i had this morning.

I’m so used to drama from my stupid childhood that I expect drama (and/or I create drama) when things are going well.

When I first met my husband, i was literally waiting for the other shoe to drop for an entire year.  Like i felt terrified that i was going to find out something that would prove that he was an asshole/idiot, and that he was too good to be true.  Husband was always reassuring when i was wacky worried. He said “you need a lot of reassurance” and then he gave more reassurance…


I think that i’m treating my sobriety the same way. I’m expecting some drama.

I mean, how can you just give up booze and then go merrily on your way? What about the teeth-knashing, late nights, relapsing, disaster, crying, promising to try harder the next time.  I seem to be skipping most of that. (i’m good at teeth-knashing, but only when i work myself up into a pms frenzy.)

and in thinking about relapse, as i was last night, i wonder today in the cool light of sensible morning, if i was trying to MAKE some good-old fashioned drama.  “Everybody look at Belle, watch her fuck up.”

when really, i don’t need to fuck this up. i don’t need to create any drama here.

And just like the early days of my marriage, i can just stop waiting for the drama. and i can turn away from the temptation to CREATE drama. and i can say, with some certainty, “YES this is pretty good. It’s better than you thought you deserved, and yet here it is.”

“You can wait and see. Or you can fuck it up.  Your choice.”

If all of the drama in my life is self-created, because i’m uncomfortable with calm and peaceful wellness, then i need to give that up (again).  Drama and struggle don’t have to be something i pull along behind me, like a worn sweater. Drama and struggle are optional.

I am not drinking, and that’s just the way it is.  I need to get over myself.

No Drama Here.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Dear Belle, I have been with you for a while now, meaning I was a Penpal twice and have been getting your emails for a few years! I finally have reached 50 days of sobriety – first time I’ve seen that since early 2016. I have been reading your blog to follow along with my journey. I so get what you mean about waiting for the drama. I have recently been thinking – so this is it? I am sober, but that’s it? I know these feelings will pass as I am still in early sobriety. And if getting to bed at night still sober is all I do, then that is enough for now. The purpose and the dreams and the whatevers will come when the time is right.

  • You make me smile? I think that the self created drama or self fulfilling prophecies is a biggie. One of my sisters told me basically that I was the black sheep and I been trying ro live up to that,

  • I am on day 600+ this reflects pretty much where I am at and how it has been for me… No drama here either…. Isn’t great?!

  • me too. Today I will choose to not fuck up.

    The drama is in my head. I could make my life so much easier by not drinking.

  • So glad you linked to this today. I missed out on my day 50, which would have been in 4 days time, because I chose drama. I’m not going to make that mistake again.

  • Wow,
    So happy to read your day 50 on my day 50. AND I was just trying to figure out what is “wrong” with me that I have reached day 50 and am not feeling desperate or knashing my teeth etc. So, reading about YOUR day 5o really hit home and helped. here’s to day 51 and continuation of less drama.

  • I can totally relate to everything in this. I always expect the shit to hit the fan, my cloud to burst, this is too good for me, right? Haven’t I decided that I am worth more than that? I need raise my bar (ha, ha!)
    I am enough. Just me. Oh yes!
    C x

  • Oh, I’m all fucking drama. I can’t remember when I last had a stretch of just being. Good for you! Cheers Paul.

  • Wow. This is me to the tee. I am always expecting something bad to happen, to the point that it usually ends the relationship. I too feel that my sobriety is going far too well.. no cravings, no crying.. nothing. Instead of worrying about it, I am embracing it.

    Good for you!!

  • I was a drama addict. I hated drama, but it gave me something to do, something to complain about, something to FIX. It also distracted me from myself; if I was wrapped up in someone else’s drama, I didn’t have to confront my own crap (or fear of failure or catastrophe if things were going well.). It was a major eye opener when I first realized that.

  • Yes, I know exactly what you mean – again! A big change like this in our lives should involve high drama. My husband is rather like yours. (except it took him 6 weeks to move in and stay). I am constantly trying to learn his calm ways. I think the whole point of not drinking is to take the drama out of our lives, but maybe we never quite understood that – until now that is.

  • You are such a good writer! I got up early and ran this morning. You’re right. I feel great after a nice run. You’re right abou so many things Belle. You should really consider writing a book!

    You are my rock!

  • I’m smiling…not in any condescending “oh aren’t you sweet” kind of way but because this entire post reminds me so much of my own life and journey. I’ve posted a lot about that other freaking shoe and it still shoes up over head from time to time.

    Keep running. Keep processing. Keep the hubs.