stay alert

the first thought i had this morning was “i don’t have time to be *sober* today, i’ve got too much to do.” Not that i plan to drink, but feeling i don’t have time to delve into the last pages of the Vale book, check on blogs, and comment on my own.

But if i’ve learned anything from other bloggers, most recently from Imogen, then it’s this: feeling like i don’t need to do this doesn’t mean that i don’t. how’s that for a sentence with a bunch of negatives.

ok, here it is again.

My advice to me:

Dear Belle:  write and comment and blog every day for the first 60 days or maybe 90 days. longer than you think. don’t give into complacency. don’t think for one second that you have it figured out. Yes, you have a lot to do today, but if you drink champagne today, when everyone else is drinking champagne today, you’ll fall over and this journey will end abruptly. stay alert.

stay alert.

there may be moments of wondering IF, and seconds of feeling like it isn’t worth it.

it is.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m commenting, listening to podcasts, reading and writing. I don’t want to become complacent. I’m early days still but I don’t want to let any supports slide. Great post and I’m heeding this advice

  • Each day making a conscious commitment helps me to remain on course. Perhaps you have found a system that works well for you too.

  • Once again you have written down my thoughts. : ) I too read Imogens post and thought BEWARE! Complacency is the lurking enemy we need to be wary of. Stay alert. 90 days is not that far off for me and I do hear bloggers talk of that being a challenging time. Maybe the “novelty” of all this starts to wear off and thats where the danger comes in?

  • So true, I take my eye off the ball and its in my own net before I even notice. Thankyou for the sage words .. .. ..

  • Good morning. Im glad I woke up this morning and read this post. Can I use your advice in a post I want to write today? It will help me so much.
    Have a great day. Jen

  • There’s nothing that’s not good about a bunch of negatives : )
    This is ace stuff, Belle. Nice reminder for me too because i myself hadn’t factored in the blogging stuff and it’s generally the first thing that falls by the wayside. I read every post of everyone i follow, but i don’t always engage. Is it completely fucked up to be blog-shy?! I will read your letter to yourself every morning and follow your advice. Thanks, luv!

    • blog-shy is a good description, i like that!… or lurker. best to comment, even anonymously. best to engage, even if just a little. best to raise your hand and say “yes i’m here, i’m doing this too…”

      • Yes i’m here, i’m doing this too…This is day 1 and my very first comment on a blog EVER! I’m sure they will get more interesting. Just wanted to break that barrier.

    • I’m here, I’m trying to do this thing too. It’s my first weekend…it feels unusual….I mean what’s the point of a weekend without drinks….that’s where I am and I’m fighting it. I am winning…I am winning.