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The 100-Day Sober Challenge takes you beyond #dryJanuary.

You've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful. You've tried to moderate. 

Now it's time to try something else. Quitting with support :)

Hi, I’m Belle Robertson. And I created the #100DaySoberChallenge in 2013. 

Since then, I've worked one-on-one with over 3429 people to help them quit drinking. 

And how do you start? With a challenge.

My life completely changed when I did a sober challenge. I thought I'd quit for 30 days to give myself a break and to 'prove' that I didn't have a problem.  

Over and over, I had tried to quit on my own. I tried to moderate.

I didn't realize what happens when you get support. You know, from someone who's done it before, who can point out the speed bumps.

Why be sober anyway?

  • You want to feel better
  • You've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful
  • You've already tried to moderate
  • You want to spend less dumb money
  • You want to consume fewer dumb calories
  • You want to not have to search your sent messages for disasters
  • You want to wake up feeling PROUD of yourself

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I want Daily Tips & Ideas

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You are not alone!

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Everyone who wants to quit drinking is here.

Doctors, teachers, moms, judges, radiologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, truck drivers, candle makers, runners, & former ice skaters.

I hear you. And I send out anonymous support all over the world.

I've got stuff that can help, it will come by email, a bit at a time. 


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