tired of thinking about drinking?

Anonymous Support to Quit Drinking

you want to feel better. you want to feel PROUD of yourself.

you've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful.

you've tried to moderate.

you're naturally going to be nervous that being sober will suck.

you value honesty and vulnerability. you want to feel heard. you need to feel like you’re not doing this alone. you’ll need a fairly large amount of repetition and reassurance. and you need to not feel stupid as you ask for all that.

I'm here.

sobriety is like a little chick. you need to protect it

i send out daily emails, audio clips, ideas, tools, strategies. i film facebook live videos. i have anonymous support for you.

i work one-on-one with doctors who want to quit drinking. with teachers who are worried about their weekend binges. and with a mom of three boys. and a funny motorcycle driving, long distance runner guy in ohio.

i hear you. and i send out anonymous support all over the world.

i've got stuff for you that can help. it will come by email. a bit at a time. 

first step?

click below and put in your email address.

I'm here.

no bullshit

  • if you're not ready to quit drinking, and think that you 'need' alcohol for a happy life, then welcome. your head is lying to you. you'll learn more about that soon by reading the daily emails. did you 'click here' yet?
  • i'm just past 9 years sober. i started this blog to document my own sober 'journey' and then somehow i've arrived here. i'm not a magical marketer with airbrushed photos of my glamorousness. i write sober stuff and record sober audios and do live sober radio and have emailed thousands of sober penpals over the years. 
  • this sober thing? it's worth doing. which you know already. that's why you're here.

anonymous . private . portable support

ps. if you want more ... right after you sign up, you'll be taken to a page where you can get a mini-course that EXPLAINS the 'Wolfie' addiction voice you have in your head - the voice that yells 'drink now' - and how to get that voice to stop. 

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