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tired of thinking about drinking?

Anonymous Support to Quit Drinking

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why be sober anyway?

  • you want to feel better
  • you've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful
  • you've already tried to moderate
  • you want to spend less dumb money
  • you want to consume fewer dumb calories
  • you want to not have to search your sent messages for disasters
  • you want to wake up feeling PROUD of yourself

you're naturally going to be nervous that being sober will suck.

​sobriety is like a little chick. you need to protect it

you value honesty and vulnerability. you want to feel heard. you need to feel like you’re not doing this alone. you’ll need a fairly large amount of repetition and reassurance. and you need to not feel stupid as you ask for all that.

I'm here.

i send out daily emails, audio clips, ideas, tools, strategies. i film facebook live videos. i have anonymous support for you.

i work one-on-one with doctors who want to quit drinking. with teachers who are worried about their weekend binges. and with moms who have twins. and funny gay guys in ohio.

i hear you. and i send out anonymous support all over the world.

i've got stuff for you that can help. it will come by email. a bit at a time. 

first step?

click below and put in your email address.

​the first email you'll receive will be something to read, a first-person recounting of the first month sober. that's a terrible sentence. i used the word 'first' three times. now four. well, when you sign up you'll get an overview of Sober Month 1​, ​day by day, with all of its glitter (and shitty parts). 

​anonymous . private . portable support

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