a last day 1

There is no ‘one more time’. There’s no waiting until Monday. There’s no ‘after the holiday’. There is no ‘only on weekends’.

This booze thing. You put it down now. Leave it behind you. That’s enough playing with fire. I mean really, were you really waiting until it got worse before you quit? Like, if it isn’t already hard enough now, how will it be in a month, a year, ten more years like this.

You maybe don’t know how to do it. You don’t know what you need to learn. You’re not used to doing this life thing without anaesthetic.

And what are you anaesthetizing yourself from. What’s happening today, right now, that is in actual fact so crappy? (You went down the rabbit hole right there, didn’t you, of Let me tell you what’s crappy… my husband is … and my kid is … and my boss is ).

What’s happening today, right now, that is so crappy that adding booze to it would make it better. Nothing. There isn’t anything. There is no ‘better’ with alcohol. I’m bored, I think I’ll light my hair on fire. I’m stressed, I think I’ll drink a bottle and a half of wine; I’ll carry around a water bottle like I’ve been to the gym.

You want self-soothing. You want to be scooped up, hair brushed, powder applied. You want to have the bath run, the bubbles added, and the sheets changed. You want the floor to be crumbs-free, the litter box to be un-pooped, and the travelling husband to come home but not be irritating when he’s there.

It’s a fact that you’ve used alcohol to try to self-soothe. But booze is a mind-fuck, creating more problems.. There is no  soothing in the blunt force of a black-out anaesthetic.

You don’t want to feel? I call bullshit. That’s not even true. Because you do want to feel joy. You want to feel proud of yourself. You want to wake up and feel pleased with how your day is going to unfold.

You want powder, and baths, and soothing? Remove the booze. No more Day 1s. You go forward from here. You learn what you need to learn to go forward.

Everyone who is longer-term sober has a last Day 1. You can have yours.

It’s about time.

how to have fun getting sober

blog post comment from D:

[posted October, 2013]: “Re: AA being the only game in town and the whole stigma around alcohol–ugh!! People often need help to quit smoking (or lose weight etc), and it doesn’t mean that forever and always they’re this “stigma thing.” Personally, I think that hugely contributes to the problem …

I would love to see you create a ‘manual’ based on what you’ve been doing: Getting Sober: Your First 100 Days or How to Have Fun Getting Sober or How to Get Sober and Get Happy. It could include how to create the desire to become so (getting over the hurdle of I just can’t or it’s not that bad), maybe how to get ready for it, how to think about slips. It could also include your experiences as well as others you’ve spoken to (I’m sure you’d have to get permission but I’m also quite sure people would be happy to contribute their stories/journey in that way and have them excerpted for the greater good). It could include tips and mantras/meditations (I love the whole sobriety feels like clean sheets idea!), what you can look forward to, what to watch out for etc. You could self-publish if you couldn’t find a publisher, but I bet you could (maybe the same one that published the Soberistas book, which is good, but all the stories are pretty extreme). I think there’s a complete dearth of books on getting sober for people who ‘aren’t that bad’ (seemingly so) and definitely all the memoirs focus on the how bad it was. Way too little out there on sensible tools and what to expect. Later, (because I’m thinking it might be harder), you could create audios … that way people can get them online “anonymously.” I think all this would appeal to the same people who like the Jason Vale book and things like that.”

[note from me. i saved this email from october 2013 because i thought: “well she has an idea, but i’m only just over a year sober, so what do i know.” i had 123 penpals on the anniversary of my one year soberversary (today it’s 2400+). back then, i couldn’t see the patterns coherently enough to write about them. Today, i just found this email in my TO WRITE ABOUT folder … i haven’t seen it since 2013, but D was right-on about what i would go on to write about … i certainly didn’t know i was going to write a book when i saved this email. i didn’t realize that being sober would be a foundation for change in other parts of my life. i didn’t realize that being sober would teach me about resilience and agency and self-worth. i just thought i was ‘quitting drinking’. i had no idea how much larger it would really be.]

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Pam (day 992): “I just finished!!! I LOVED it. What an AMAZING accomplishment! I am sure your book is going to be a HUGE success! It was great to read as a refresher and to reinforce continued sobriety, even almost 3 years out (cause Wolfie still pokes his head up every now and then).”

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i should have kept going

[Now that I have finished writing the sober book and it has been sent to the printers … now i’m spending time looking over earlier journals about the writing process. i can see that it took a LOT longer than i thought it would to find out HOW to write, to find a pattern, a rhythm. I discovered that writing is like early sobriety: shit is hard, then it gets easier, then we don’t know what we’re doing, then we figure some things out, and then we make daily, small progress.

i’m going to post some of the writing that i did over the last year that ‘helped’ me figure out the sober writing thing. Because the parallels with sobriety are huge and many.]

July 8, 2015

tuesday. (5:15 am). meditation sucked, i opened my eyes and yawned part way through. i said to myself ‘i suck at this’ right as the guided meditation audio says to be patient and non-judgmental.

i have nothing to say. that first time, with the early morning writing last week, that was luck. It was a fluke I can’t repeat. I should have kept going. I thought I could dip back into it easily enough. Momentum. Would it have been easier to keep going?

once i get started then i can just keep going. even if it isn’t always a lot of fun, because it isn’t miserable. i’m not vomiting. i’m just angst-ing. and the angst-ing is what i’m trying to ignore. for the better good.extract from today’s writing:

I didn’t meet the textbook definition of an alcoholic, and believe me, I’d done the research. I’d read the sober memoirs, done a bit of looking around online, was confronted with all of the anecdotal evidence where people with real alcohol problems lost their jobs, their marriages, and their lives to addiction.


Update from April 28, 2016.

The phrase that I wrote above, on that crappy morning in July, that phrase eventually got written into the book like this:

Source: TOTAD: Take My-100 Day Sober Challenge, page 55, section 2: Permission to Quit.page-55

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Book Introduction

THIS IS WHAT I THOUGHT: There isn’t enough to drink.

I should go to the liquor store now. I’m not sure what we have planned for tonight and I won’t want to go out again. One bottle won’t be enough. Two would be cutting it close. There isn’t enough.

I will put our glasses side by side on the counter when I pour the wine each evening. I will line the glasses up to
make sure that you don’t get more. There isn’t enough.

And this really happened to me. I was alone in a hotel room, and looked into the mini bar, and saw:
~ one tiny Toblerone bar
~ one KitKat bar
~ one bottle of water
~ two tiny cans of beer
~ two tiny airplane-sized bottles of red wine
and I thought, I can’t start drinking now, there isn’t enough.

Not enough for what?

To fade out. To be numb.

Because despite what I may have said, I never wanted one glass of wine with dinner. I wanted three glasses. What’s the point in one glass?
And despite what I may have said, I never drank because I liked the taste. I romanticized expensive wines, but they are all basically the same. Alcohol is a vehicle, and I didn’t care which vehicle I used to travel. When the fancy stuff was gone, I was content to drink boxed white. I didn’t let a room-temperature light beer stop me.

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i can’t start now because …

[Now that I have finished writing the sober book, and cover art is finished, I’ve talked with the UK printer about paper and cover stock  … now i’m spending time looking over earlier journals about the writing process. i can see that it took a LOT longer than i thought it would to find out HOW to write, to find a pattern, a rhythm. I discovered that writing is like early sobriety: shit is hard, then it gets easier, then we don’t know what we’re doing, then we figure some things out, and then we make daily, small progress.

i’m going to post some of the writing that i did over the last year that ‘helped’ me figure out the sober writing thing. Because the parallels with sobriety are huge and many.]

July 7, 2015

so i did a 5 a.m. writing event a week ago. it was very productive. solved the writing problem. created other problems.

got notes from editor on Tuesday, spoke with him Friday.

now it’s the next week.

so here’s the thinking. this will seem familiar: i can’t start now because…

i’ll be tired, i have to do catering, i should have the meals planned first, that last time it just sucked the life out of me, yes it worked but now i’m wondering if it’s worth it.

then i think, ok, just get on with it. do it tomorrow morning. set the alarm and get up.

and it’s scary.

scary to create the space to make the change.

scary to be alone with myself for 4 hrs.

scary to see what i will accomplish (or not).

scary to maybe discover that i won’t like writing the book, it won’t be worth it, it’ll be perceived only as brand-extension, it’ll be pretentious or surface-trite.

scary to be sober, to stop the numbing, to create the space to make the change, to see what i accomplish, to know that it’s worth it.

and everyone who’s written a book probably (surely) says it was worth it.

like everyone who’s longer-term sober says that being sober is worth it.

and here i stand on the side of the road. writing car is beside me. the keys are in the ignition. i know where i’m headed. and yet i’m not in the car.

[if you email me and say ‘just do it’ i’ll come after you. you don’t have to say anything :) just relate.]

i’ve been here before. i will be here again.

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trying to do too much at once

[Now that I have finished writing the sober book, and cover art is finished, I’ve talked with the UK printer about paper and cover stock  … now i’m spending time looking over earlier journals about the writing process. i can see that it took a LOT longer than i thought it would to find out HOW to write, to find a pattern, a rhythm. I discovered that writing is like early sobriety: shit is hard, then it gets easier, then we don’t know what we’re doing, then we figure some things out, and then we make daily, small progress.

i’m going to post some of the writing that i did over the last year that ‘helped’ me figure out the sober writing thing. Because the parallels with sobriety are huge and many.]

July 5, 2015

what’s it like explaining the sober world to your book editor? turns out it’s harder than you might think. And how do you organize your proposed 150,000 word outline into a book that’s going to turn out to be 50,000 words long? Thankfully, you have an editor help to pare down the idea. to something manageable. duh, like sobriety. trying to do too much at once. no shit. that is my default setting.

so here’s a treat. here’s a 6 minute extract of my call with the editor. it’s a rare behind the scenes bit.

warning, and i’m sorry for this, but I do occasionally say “they” meaning my penpals. I don’t say “we” and i should have. I say “they are easily overwhelmed” instead of WE.


Update from March 15, 2016. It’s so weird to hear this again now 🙂 Final manuscript turned out to be 40,000 words. And in the end I hired 3 editors – this one from the UK, one to do copy editing, and the third to tell me that I was doing a good job (no kidding).

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