How to leave a comment on the blog

1. To post a comment on a blog post, make sure you’re looking at the actual blog post, and not the summary page. I know, confusing. To be sure, click on the title of the blog (marked with the red arrow). If nothing happens, you’re in the right place. If clicking on the title moves you to the actual blog post itself, good.


2. Scroll to the very bottom of the post.

Keep scrolling down past any other comments that may have already been submitted.



3. Find the box that says ‘LEAVE A REPLY.’


4. Type your comment in the box.

Here’s an example:

Belle, you rock. you rock so much. you have no idea how much you rock. someone should tell your husband what a genius you are. he clearly seems to have forgotten.



5. Fill in the identifying information.

Note, on my blog, all info is confidential and email addresses are not displayed, but they’re helpful for me to contact you when you win a prize or something.

ALSO on my blog, I allow anonymous submissions (which means you can leave this whole next section blank if you wish).

  1. This is your email address. You can leave it blank, but then I can’t contact you for presents. The email is not shared/displayed.
  2. Your screen name goes here, whatever you want displayed (like Nature Nancy)
  3. The link to your website / sober blog so that people can find you (or leave it blank)
  4. Click here if you want to get an email EVERY time there’s a new comment on this one blog post (make sure your email is correct in step (1))
  5. If you want to get an email every time I post a NEW BLOG POST click here. Yes, pick this one for sure; again, make sure email in #1 is correct.


6. Press “Post Comment”

I review comments as they come in, and then I approve them. so if you do something dumb, email me and I can fix it ;)


You can post on new items and on old entries. Swearing is fine. Criticism is fine. The blog is not a place for daily check-ins like “I’m on day 6 today, I’m on day 7 today.” The blog comments are a place for you to comment on the blog itself, to ask a question, or to offer support to someone else if that seems appropriate. You can also tell me I’m a genius. My husband seems to have forgotten (already).


Ready to practise?

You can go to this short blog post and leave a comment now, to show that you've read this :)